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1. Repurpose Your Fave Wolven Yoga Set

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We all know Wolven is ideal for yoga. While that remains true, Wolven’s funky and trippy prints are the BEST for festival season. There is absolutely no need to spend hundreds of dollars on brand new outfits. Look cute at your festival while being nice to Mama Earth. Getting more wear out of your clothing is one of the best ways to be sustainable this festival season. Buy less, do more.

Wolven takes plastic bottles and repurposes them into wearable art. Don’t let the sound of “plastic fabric” fool you. Wolven’s clothes are “vegan” buttery smooth, stretchy, and made to move with you on the dance floor. Dancing all day and night can get a little sweaty, but the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking fabric will keep you fresh from day to night. 

2. Ditch The Single-Use Plastic Face Gems

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We can’t deny that face gems and glitter look cute, but what’s not cute is killing our planet. As the night goes on and you lose some glitter or gems, you are actually littering. These tiny pieces of trash are very damaging to our Earth, so it’s time to get creative.

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If you just can’t stay away from glitter, biodegradable glitter is a great alternative. There are tons of options available but two great ones to check out are GLITTEREVOLUTION and BioGlitz.
Face paint is also a cute way to add a sustainable make-up touch to your look. It will give you the Coachella Queen vibe while ditching the single-use glitter or gems.

3. Accessorize

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Pull out your handy box of accessories and dress up your Wolven set. Reusing accessories that you already have is a great way to turn your yoga fit into a festival look. Throw on some sunnies, a cute belt, and some crazy boots. Don’t forget the best and most important accessory of all — your reusable water bottle.

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This festival season — have fun, be safe, and Make Sustainability Sexy.

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