Love Your Mother

A designated day to celebrate the mothers, and mother figures in our lives is an opportunity to show some extra love to these special humans- but one day is no match for the boundless love the mama's in our lives give daily, including the mother of all mothers- mother earth. This year, consider giving the mother/mother figure in your life a gift that shows her how much she is appreciated, and is also Eco-Friendly and sustainable (a gift for your earth mother).

Baby tree sapling

You will be hard pressed to find a better way to show appreciation for your mother and your earth mother, than to plant a tree in her honor. Surprise your mother by planting a sapling (indigenous to where you live), or you could even do it together. Trees keep our planet cool, support the ecosystem, and keep the air clean- it's also a gift your mother can appreciate year after year. 

Up-cycled or fair trade jewelry 

If your mama is a jewelry wearer, why not buy her a beautiful statement piece that she will love, and will also support another mother in a developing country, or impoverished community. There are so many fantastic brands that are dedicated to the fair trade of eco-friendly, sustainable jewelry. Here are some of my favorite's to check out: Terra Natural Designs, Noonday Collections, and Jimani Collections.

Mini Herb Garden

Who doesn't love fresh herbs right at their fingertips? Your mother will so appreciate the gift of a mini herb garden that she can grow and nourish on her window sill, or patio. It will offer convenience as well as fresh and healthy herbs at anytime. Find a kit at your local garden store, or plant her one yourself using re-usable glass jars, mini flower pots, or something else creative!

Air Cleaning House Plants

Show your mother how much you love her with a house plant that cleans the air and keeps her lungs healthy. Some beautiful, air cleaning plants include Peace Lilies, Spider Plant, Areca Palm, Vipers Bowstring Hemp, Dracaena, and Chinese Evergreen. 

Beautiful, Comfortable, Sustainable Wolven Threads

Alas, none of the above gifts are truly complete without some beautiful threads your favorite mother can live in daily. Pick a pattern and color that shows her that you truly see how colorful and unique her spirit is. You can also let her know that her threads are re made with with OEKO-TEX certified Recycled P.E.T fabric (RPET), a fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles. This certification ensures that the material is free of harmful and toxic chemicals and help to keep plastic out of landfills and oceans. 



Kaitlin (Kait) Wheeler is a Masters level Clinical Social Worker with undergraduate degrees in Behavioral Psychology and Sustainable Health Science. Kait is a certified mindfulness and trauma sensitive yoga educator, and is passionate about bringing the empowering experience of yoga and mindfulness practice to our nations most at risk individuals. Kait also uses the platform of her podcast- Chasing Bravery to share the narratives of women who are doing amazing things for others, and for our planet.

This summer Kait is based out of the beautiful Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota, where she is working with Indigenous youth and families to provide healthy coping and lifestyle skills (including yoga!) for managing chronic stressors. She will also be working in the organizations massive green house, helping to bring sustainable nutrition options to the community where the organization is based.

Kait grew up in a home with parents who were passionate about living a sustainable, earth conscious lifestyle, and she is thrilled to bring both her own educational background and lived experiences to the position of the Sustainable Saturday Wolven Threads blogger! Follow Kait on Instagram @chasingbravery06, and visit her website- for more information on the podcast, her work, and personal blog. 

May 13, 2018

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