It’s peak fall, and we hope you’re on your way to knocking the coziest annual traditions off your bucket list, whether that’s a hike through the fall foliage or stocking up on pumpkin spice everything. 

We’re beginning this month in sensual Scorpio (the fixed water sign that's mysterious, deep, and unwavering) and then transition into Sagittarius on November 22, the mutable fire sign with an adventurous nature. With these two signs as your home base, plus the final eclipse of the year, there will be plenty of reasons to celebrate during the month ahead, whether it’s treating yourself or inviting loved ones to the party.

Here’s your horoscope for the month of November. Read your rising, too! 


The month ahead holds some promising energy in your income sector, especially when the lunar eclipse and full moon hit on November 8th. It could mean a couple of different things – one being a new job, project, or stream of income. Alternatively, it could have you rethinking your overall financial goals and your relationship to money. Be open to thinking about a career change during this time. Changing course is one of the bravest things you can choose to do. 


Energies across the board are peaking for you this month, especially as the full moon and lunar eclipse enter your sign on November 8th. if something’s been on your mind, you might just find yourself blurting it out. Luckily, this sort of honesty can bring you closer to your significant other or your crush – when done tactfully, mind you. You’ll have an opportunity to choose the high road when faced with a moment of frustration. Take it! 


Mars has been retrograde in Gemini since late October, and you might feel as though you’re not exactly sure how to take action or follow through on some big ideas. But at the beginning of this month, try not to force anything out of feeling stuck or stagnant – it’ll just be a lost cause. There’s a new moon on November 23rd that’ll give you a clearer picture of how to move forward with care and confidence. You don’t have to take action for the sake of it, promise. 


This will feel like a particularly social month for you, whether you’re getting along more swimmingly with your coworkers or are feeling a bit more connected to a close friend or lover. It’s especially true when the lunar eclipse hits on November 8th – the perfect time to speak your truth straight from the heart. Your relationships won’t deepen by themselves, so don’t be afraid to bare your soul and lean on the ones you love for support.


The month of November, and particularly the lunar eclipse on the 8th, will offer a big shift in your mindset around your professional life. You know the saying, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”? Ponder that in the weeks ahead. Is there a creative project that could become another stream of income? Is there an alternative career path you've always been curious about? You deserve to love what you do, and it's good for your fiery spirit. 


Virgos love (are addicted to?) being busy, and it’s common for you to feel weighed down or overwhelmed by your day-to-day tasks. But on November 8th, the lunar eclipse and full moon will enter a much-needed zone of adventure. You’ll be feeling inspired to seek higher knowledge, learn something new, or step away from the mundane. Daydreaming about the future is a productive activity, but you have to allow yourself to believe it. 


Your sign can be particularly affected by the brutally honest energy of Sagittarius – brace yourself for what happens when the truth comes out. When the full moon and eclipse enter your intimacy sector on November 8th, you might hear (or just start recognizing) some truths about a problematic relationship or pattern you’ve fallen into. Don’t just try to hold on and breeze through it – you deserve to make your feelings and values known. 


Isn’t it nice when everyone’s feeling the Scorpio energy? This is your comfort zone, so enjoy the month ahead. This month’s full moon and eclipse will fall in your relationship sector, and perhaps have you reevaluating where you stand with a friend or romantic partner. Are you feeling secure enough to move forward? If not, what needs to happen? Don’t sweep your needs under the rug to make someone else comfortable. 


As your solar return approaches, it’s a great time to focus on yourself and what makes you feel whole. You’re feeling passionate and engaged with the world, and you can harness this energy to fuel a positive change. You might particularly feel a boost in the liveliness and intensity of your relationships when Venus also enters Sagittarius on November 16th. It’s a ripe setting for a raucous and extra-social holiday season ahead – have fun, as you do!


You’re feeling an itch to network while the sun’s in Scorpio this month, and you’re making a great impression everywhere you go. But that energy might channel inward at the end of the month, as the sun enters your zone of spirituality on November 22. Solo time can be just as fulfilling and productive (and no, that doesn't mean always working). Prioritize self-care, and practice treating yourself like you would your own best friend. 


Lots of entities are moving into your networking zone this month (Venus, Mercury and the Sun on the 16th, 17th, and 22nd). It’s looking like a lively start to the holiday season, and you should allow yourself to enjoy the ride. Be open to new professional connections, party invitations, and even swiping right a little more often than usual. When you truly put yourself out there, sparks might fly when you least expect it.


Sharing the ruling planet Jupiter with Sagittarius, this is a promising and expansive season for you, even if it's just out of sheer luck or circumstance. Expect good news in the weeks ahead (possibly related to your career or professional trajectory), and give yourself the freedom to really relish in it. You deserve good things as much as anyone else, and even if they feel like it, your ambitions really aren’t that far out of reach.

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