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As some of you may know, bike shorts are the “it” fashion trend this season. If you are just finding out now, well, it’s time to check out Instagram and hop on the trend that is not only comfortable but effortlessly cool. No matter what your style persona is: casual, girly, edgy; you can transform bike shorts to become a staple piece in your wardrobe for just about any occasion.


Let’s start off with the easiest way to style a pair of bike shorts. Keep it casual by pairing them with a plain, basic tee that I’m sure you have hanging in your closet. If you want to add some layers to your outfit, put on a cool oversized denim jacket to create an effortless look that gives the impression you tried but really you just threw on some basics. And for shoes, this is where you can get a little creative! I’m a girl who loves her Docs, to me they are a staple, but you can pair this look with any cool sneakers you have lying in your closet. Bonus tip! Try a shoe with a platform sole for added height and to make those legs look amazingly long! Tired of showing up to the grocery store in your slippers and sweats? Give this look a go to feel instantly cool, but maintaining your laid back image.

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If your style tends to be a little bit more girly, you might question how you can make this trend work for you. The solution is to keep your look simple, but enhance it through the use of fun, vibrant colors that let that girly side of you shine through. Try incorporating vibrant pinks and purples, and soft yellows to capture the color palette of the ideal “girly girl”. For jackets, break out your puffers and furs to create a bold, statement look. To take this girly look to another level, try for a monochromatic color palette. If you love pink, why not wear it from head to toe. Break out those pink sunglasses and pink chucks and nobody will be able to take their eyes off you!



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My personal favorite way of styling a pair of bike shorts is to make them edgy. Bike shorts themselves are already a bold piece, but why not kick it up a notch and make them that much better. To pull this look off the main pieces you will need are a graphic tee and a statement blazer or jacket. You may think that pairing a graphic tee plus a patterned bike short with a blazer might be hard to pull off. But the outcome allows you to feel so comfortable yet so confident. For shoes, you definitely want to wear something that matches the boldness of the rest of the outfit. I opted for a pair of platform Doc Martens, but some platform Filas or any other chunky shoe would look amazing! To accessorize you can even throw on a wide-brimmed wool hat or a fisherman cap for that added cool factor.

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Riley is a passionate and creative student studying Fashion Merchandising at Cal State Long Beach. Her passion for fashion and love for art and graphic design have been in her soul since she was a child and she hopes to one day be able to incorporate all these things into her career. Besides fashion and art, she loves traveling, cycling at her local spin studio, and spending time with her friends and family. Riley is our Graphic Design Intern for Summer 2019

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