Our Wolfpack goes hard for the planet — collecting 1lb of ocean bound plastic with every item purchased, offsetting carbon emissions with Climate Neutral, and making fashion eco-friendly. As a small brand looking to uproot the wasteful fashion world and rewrite the future sustainably. Wolven's eco-friendly initiatives are grounded in a deep understanding of the importance protecting this planet holds. We grow as a company because our Wolfpack is so eager to learn. Which is why we are always excited to bring on new team members. At Wolven we get to offer a wide variety of learning opportunities for collegiate climate action warriors. Currently we have three intelligent interns on our team. Meet Taylor, our Social Media and Content Intern currently studying Strategic and Corporate Communication at Chapman University.

Her spunk and artistic mindset inspire her to create everyday. As a Wolven Intern she has planned photoshoots, managed influencer sampling, and made every project a little more fun. Her days at Wolven will always be cherished — the lessons learned never forgotten. You may have seen her in some TikToks, now you can read the interview below to get an inside scoop on everything she's learned from her sustainable internship at Wolven.

What lead you to apply for Wolven's Internship?

Taylor: I've always wanted to make a difference for our beautiful planet. I have been a vegan for about six years now. It has definitely become one of my favorite ways to practice sustainability, but I knew I wanted to do more. Being able to learn about marketing and sustainability, while also combating the mass production of fast fashion was a no brainer for me. 

If you could sum up your internship into three lessons what would they be?

Taylor: Creating everyday sustainable habits will go a long way, location can make or break your photoshoot, and inspiration is everywhere. 

Describe what being a sustainable person means to you.

Taylor: Wolven has taught me that every little difference matters. Choosing small eco-friendly habits to add into your everyday routine will make for one very sustainable lifestyle. I like being a vegan because of the way it makes me feel energized and I love the positive impact it has on our planet.

Working at Wolven did you come to love a certain print or set?

Taylor: Yes, the clothes are so cute! My favorite print currently is Shakti, with its unique colors and design, it looks amazing on everyone. Honestly, it is just such a fun print to get creative with for photoshoots. My favorite styles are always changing, but right now, I love matching the Reversible Four-Way Top and the Midi Bike Short for the perfect sustainable set. I've put together a few of my favorites here

Name one thing you learned about planning photoshoots.

Taylor: Location matters! I really shouldn’t share all my secrets with you, but Corona Del Mar is my go-to beach photoshoot spot. It has gorgeous views of the ocean, plants, and rocks that make it worth the drive. Spots out in nature like these provide natural backdrops perfect minimal waste shoots.

Tell us three content creation essentials you swear by.

Taylor: My photoshoot essentials are definitely my tripod, great lighting along with good weather, and posing ideas/inspiration for who I am shooting. I learned through my internships bringing a moodboard with poses I want to recreate from Pinterest and aesthetic locations near my shoot will help the shoot proceed with ease.

Who is a content creator you wish would work with Wolven?

Taylor: I have a few on my list. My favorite TikTok creator is @asapbabes, she would be a perfect fit because of her fashion sense and cute get ready with me videos! My favorite YouTuber is Lindsey Rem — she always has great sustainability tips and sustainable fashion recommendations just like Wolven plus her styling tips are super cute. I’m also in love with her easy vegan recipe ideas. I’d be super excited to see them wearing Wolven! 

Who has been your biggest content inspiration while creating for Wolven?

Taylor: My biggest inspiration is @itsyuyann on Instagram. She has such amazing, effortless photos. Her ability to pose and location scout inspires my content creation here at Wolven more each day.

What is the best social media platform to market with right now?

Taylor: At Wolven, I learned TikTok is most successful... as long as you pay attention to the trends. "A Day in the Life" videos are my favorite to shoot for Wolven. I love seeing people with different lifestyles show off their day. But honestly, I can't stand the TikTok sound that repeats the word "Suave", it drives me crazy every time! 

Do you have a favorite or least favorite Tik Tok trend?

Taylor: Yes! My least favorite is definitely the TikTok sound that repeats the word “suave”. I can't handle it. Every time it drives me crazy! My favorite TikTok trend is a day in my life. I love seeing people with different lifestyles show off their day.

What is your favorite way to spend your free time?

Taylor: I love going to the beach on the weekends or going to Disneyland. My favorite thing to do during the week is cook with my roommates and I always look forward to face-timing my little sister after a long day.

What is one thing you can’t live without?

Taylor: My little sister! Whenever I’m with her she always makes me laugh

Name one thing that is on your bucket list and why.

Taylor: I want to go to the Louvre in Paris because art inspires me. Also, I just love Paris and cannot wait for the food there! My first stop in Paris would be at a cafe. The coffee and pastries there seems like a dream.

Taylor Frazz was Interviewed by Stephanie Tarr, Community Manager.

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May 11, 2022

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