Wolven Sustainable Activewear and Swimwear as Zodiac Signs

Wolven’s full collection displays a variety of prints, cuts and styles, most of which are reversible. As one of my favorite brands with a fierce commitment and innovative approach to sustainability, I find that they are constantly pushing boundaries with designs, integration of sustainable practices, representation and community values and I’m constantly engaging with their online presence. For those who follow my work, you’ll know that I’m helpless when it comes to seeing the world through the lenses of fashion and astrology and thus, I find myself studying the many stunning prints and styles that Wolven has available and associating their colors, cuts and functionality with corresponding zodiac signs. If you’re interested in harnessing the energies of your sun sign (or any other sign), through intentional dressing practices, these are my recommendations based on color correspondences and characteristics.



The Cayenne Pyramid Top

As the first sign of the zodiac, fire sign Aries’ are leaders and warriors who are bold, ambitious, competitive, dynamic, impulsive and passionate. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action and courage, Aries color correspondence is red, representative of ambition, assertiveness and vitality, which makes the daring and sexy Cayenne Pyramid Top the perfect piece for our fiery Aries’ to add to their wardrobes. Dress it up with a black high-waisted mini skirt, some gold hoop earrings and a bold red lipstick.



The Eucalyptus Flare

Ruled by sensual Venus, Taurus’ are the embodiment of goddess energy and are indulgent, sensible, romantic, artistic, glamourous and stable. These earth signs channel potent feminine energy and what’s more feminine than accentuating your curves with flattering bell bottoms? Plus, Taurus’ color correspondence is green, representative of abundance, growth and stability, making the Eucalyptus Flares the perfect piece for our earthy and luxurious Taurus’ to add to their collection of material treasures. Pair them with bare feet and a scarf wrapped in your hair. Top optional.



The Zephyr Crossover Pocket Legging

As Mercury ruled air signs, Gemini’s are intellectual, witty, outgoing, clever and adventurous. They are highly social and crave mental stimulation making them engaging and unpredictable. Geminis color correspondence is yellow, symbolic of positivity, youth and happiness, which is the accent color on the Zephyr Crossover Pocket Leggings. Plus, “Zephyr” literally means “a soft gentle breeze”…hello, air sign. It also has pockets for our social Geminis phone and a flattering crossover waistband that make these leggings just as versatile as our charming Gemini, a definite must-have. Pair them with platform sandals, a vintage band tee and some aviators.



The Harmony Crisscross Bra

Lovely Cancer is ruled by the Moon, representative of feminine and yin energy, which makes them nurturing, sensitive, compassionate, patient, protective and dependable. As water signs, Cancers are deeply connected to their emotions and are highly empathetic which makes them seek calm and comfort to balance the emotional weight they bare. Their color correspondence is white, representative of purity, truth and peace, which makes the Harmony Crisscross Bra perfect for our sweet Cancer, plus this bra could totally double as a bikini top for these water-drawn souls. Pair them with shorts, a straw hat and sandals for a beachy vibe, or leggings and a cardigan to cozy up.



The Tangerine Flare

Ruled by the dominant Sun, Leos are proud, regal, authoritative, lavish, generous, fun and dramatic. As a fire sign who’s domain is the peak of summer, Leos are all about having fun and doing the most, however, as loud and proud as they are, they can also aesthetically be very sophisticated due to their pride and regal nature. Leos color correspondence is orange, representative of exuberance, creativity and adventurousness and thus, the perfect balance between bold fun and dramatic majesty takes the form of the Tangerine Flares which gives our charismatic Leo the option to entertain her wild side with the daring orange side. Pair it with oversized sunglasses and a coral lip color for a modern take on classic glamour.




The Chai Wide Leg and Chai Blazer

Virgo, an earth sign ruled by scholarly Mercury is logical, responsible, organized, modest, rational, humble and analytical. As an earth sign, Virgo’s embody the “less is more” approach to fashion as they are highly practical and their fashion reflects that sensibility. Their color correspondence is brown, representative of responsibility, wisdom and maturity, which is why the sleek and pragmatic solid colored Chai Wide Leg and Chai Blazer is the perfect addition to our diligent Virgos wardrobe as they are humble, straight-forward and flattering. Pair them with an oversized white button down shirt, some crisp white sneakers and a tight top bun.


The Metamorphosis Sweatshirt

I’ve always seen Libras as the fairies of the zodiac because they’re air signs (wings=air) and they’re whimsical, charming, diplomatic, persuasive, easy-going and romantic. Ruled by harmonious Venus, Libras are full of charisma and easily make friends due to their Venusian allure. Libras represent self-love, softness and compassion. The airy-ness of the Metamorphosis Sweatshirt matches the essence of the light-hearted Libra.



The Onyx Crisscross Bra

Ruled by transformative and insidious Pluto, Scorpio is cunning, intuitive, sexual, intense, secretive and deep. Scorpios get a bad rap and are mischaracterized as crazy but in truth they are misunderstood because in addition to being ruled by Pluto, these water signs have an incredible capacity to work with and within their shadows, which would give anyone an edge. Their color correspondence invokes power, ambition and desire which is reflected in the Onyx Crisscross Bra which represents power expressed through the Divine Feminine.



The Noor Reversible Four Way Top

Ruled by expansive Jupiter, Sagittarius is independent, adventurous, philosophical, spiritual, optimistic, dynamic and restless. As typical of fire signs, Sagittareans live life to the max and desire freedom above all else. Sagittarius’ represent spirituality, wisdom and independence which is mirrored in the Noor Reversible Four Way Top that has a cut out front detail. It also reverses to a solid gold for extra magnetism. Pair it with joggers, boots and a newsboy cap for that effortless adventurer aesthetic.




The Onyx Pocket Legging

Capricorn, ruled by stern Saturn is disciplined, persistent, prestigious, realistic, hard-working and methodical. These earth signs are incredibly diligent and business-oriented and therefore prioritize practicality in fashion, however their desire for prominence ensures that a sleek edge is involved. Capricorns color correspondence is black which is symbolic of power, authority and elegance which I feel is represented by the Onyx Pocket Legging. These leggings are polished and chic and also have a flattering crossover waistband which adds that classic, high-class glamour that distinguished Capricorn strives for. Plus they have pockets for our Capricorn’s who must always have a practical balance in their daily ensembles. Pair it with a black denim jacket and black military boots to radiate a dominating demeanor.


The Aquarius Crisscross Bra

Aliens of the zodiac, Uranus ruled Aquarius is innovative, altruistic, unique, rebellious, creative and intellectual. Aquarius’ color correspondence is turquoise which represents freedom, joy and self-expression. They are the humanitarians of the zodiac and are inventive and resourceful which makes a crisscross top made from post-consumer plastic the perfect item to add to this philanthropic beings eccentric wardrobe. Plus, it’s literally called Aquarius. A match made in heaven. Pair it with destroyed jeans, white converse and an iridescent purse.




The Thyme Midi Bike Short

Alas, we reach the final sign of the zodiac, dreamy Pisces. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are elusive, mysterious, intuitive, romantic, compassionate and artistic and correspond to the color thyme green, representative of renewal, innocence and luck. As the mermaids of the zodiac, Pisces is alluring and emotionally as deep as the water she is ruled by which makes her sensitive and nurturing. The Thyme Midi Bike Short is the ideal piece for introspective and mystical Pisces to add to their celestial wardrobe. Pair it with a satin top, kimono and pearls.


About the author

Gabriela Rosales @thestylistwitch

Gabriela is fashion stylist based in Los Angeles, specializing in the use of one’s wardrobe as the ultimate magical tool. Being a Venusian-ruled triple Taurus, Gabriela’s divine purpose is to empower others through the self-loving ritual of adornment. For her, beauty is not an obligation or a convention, but a way of being.

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