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Located on Mexico's Baja California peninsula is the beautiful resort town of Cabo. It is popularly known as being the spring breakers paradise, however you can go anytime of year and have an amazing vacation. The white sand beaches and crystal blue waters are the perfect place to relax and read a good book, or hit the swells with your longboard and get in a good workout! After an afternoon of splashing in the waves and doing sun salutations with the setting sun, you can hit the town to check out some of Cabo's infamous nightlife. There's some delicious restaurants to choose from and you can end your night grooving to some local music. Our wolfpack headed to Cabo a few weeks ago so keep reading to check out some of our recommendations:

@opium_dreams in the Awakening suit, @cole_wardley in the Herbstar joggers & @alexiseyes in the Butterfly Being suit

To Do: 

There are so many water sports and activities to do in Cabo! Rent a surfboard and catch some waves, or opt for a paddle board and do some SUP yoga in your Wolven Threads. Adventure seekers can try parasailling and fly over the beautiful blue waters, or dive deep into the ecosystem and scuba dive with the marine life. 

Surf's up with @cole_wardley in the Lineage joggers & @alexiseyes in the Maya suit

To Eat:

There's so many delicious restaurants to choose from in Cabo. Head to Flora's Field Kitchen for an organic farm to table dining experience. It has such a beautiful view, Adam Levine got married here! Dine with the locals off the beaten-path at Maria Jimenez's for an intimate and homey meal. Many of Cabo's best restaurants are known for their seafood as they're located right on the coast. However for our fellow vegans, we recommend checking out Mako Vegan & Veggie restaurant for your plant based comfort food fix.

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To Stay:

As a resort town, the amount of hotel options in Cabo are endless. We recommend going "off the grid" and staying at VidaSoul, one of the town's most beautiful eco-friendly resorts. They create their own fresh water from the sea and generate their own power using over 100 rooftop solar panels. While staying true to their green initiatives, there are still plenty of luxury amenities offered here to ensure a relaxing vacation.

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To See: 

One of the top things to see while in Cabo is the famous "El Arco." This distinctive rock formation is also known as Land's End as it's at the most extreme south of the peninsula. The picturesque landscape is a magnificent place to watch the sunset and see some of the goofy sea lions playing in the waves. 

June 27, 2017

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