Wolfpack Style Guide Gemini Edition Wolven Sustainable Activewear

Hey, hi, hello, Gemini Season. Ruled by quick-witted Mercury, Gemini is the season of the mind, wit, charisma, intellect, gossip, jokes and the entirety of our multi-faceted being. Gemini’s are notorious for their fun and social nature, as well as their incredible ability to adapt to everything from social settings, living places, jobs, relationships, TV shows, books and pretty much anything else. Geminis are multi-tasking incarnate and quite frankly, I’m jealous of that characteristic. They possess an innate ability to maintain an impeccable level of balance that is truly an art form in itself.

Gemini season, in its essence, is about the duality of all things, especially ourselves. Are we suppressing a certain side of ourselves — or even multiple sides? Especially after the pandemic where most of us were only directly connected to the at-home and cozy versions of ourselves, Gemini season is asking us to reconnect to the other facets of ourselves that we may have lost touch with throughout the last year. It’s time to weave through the many sides of ourselves and re-establish those connections to our inner baddie, boss, adventurer and every other part that makes up the multiverse that is you.

Additionally, as Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect, this season is a time of knowledge absorption. Whether it be books, documentaries, podcasts and the like, Gemini craves mental stimulation and the consumption of information in this manner has the ability to catalyze subsequent conversations of substance, a Geminis dream come true.

In the tarot, the sign of Gemini corresponds to The Lovers card. Now with a title like this, most people assume that this card is about romance, and it can be. However, it is more about the consideration of all perspectives. Geminis and air signs in general are gifted with the distinct ability to really entertain every and any side of a situation, but looks down from above (like the angel in the traditional Raider-Waite deck) to make the most informed decision. This mercurial, calculating and analytical approach makes Geminis incredibly diplomatic which in turn makes them incredibly adept social creatures whether it be in a professional or personal setting.

As a sign that is ruled by the element of air, both Gemini and the air element are represented by the color yellow. This color is representative of vitality, positivity and stimulation and likewise encompasses Gemini’s dominant characteristics.

With all of these characteristics, energies and colors in mind, I have deduced the prints that best encapsulate the essence of Gemini season so that we may embody its dynamism and subsequently move through the season with more ease.


Ruled by the element of air, the Zephyr print is a natural choice as the word Zephyr literally means a breeze and like a gentle breeze, this Zephyr will caress your body by way of this luscious sustainable fabric. It also houses Geminis color association of yellow but is paired with black making it as bold and potent a print as Geminis compelling energy.


This vibrant and psychedelic print is a dynamic expression of Geminis multifaceted-ness as it looks like a kaleidoscope which in turn shows us the beauty of complexity and intricacy. Its reverse color is also yellow, Geminis color correspondence.


As a sign of adaptability, no color is more adaptable than Turmeric. This unique and striking color literally looks good on everyone and as such, it is an impressive manifestation of that notorious Gemini versatility.


This dynamic print is an expression of the duality of Gemini season as it encompasses the contrasting colors of blue and red. It beautifully illustrates how opposites are actually complementary and further validates the need to appreciate differences within ourselves and each other and place true value on those differences. It also totally convinces me that the saying “opposites attract” was definitely coined by a Gemini.

As the season of charm, cleverness, curiosity and open-mindedness, Gemini is an exciting, exuberant and playful season that encourages us to lean into the care-free and frisky vibe that the beginning of summer brings.

May this season open our minds to new possibilities, ideas and people. May this season stimulate us by way of knowledge and exposing ourselves to new perspectives, because growth never happens within your comfort zone or within the limited confines of our self-imposed bubbles. May this season stimulate our dormant creativity and curiosity, and may this season allow us the capacity to fully embrace, accept and love every single side of ourselves, without shame. So It Is.


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Gabriela is a fashion stylist based in Los Angeles, specializing in the use of one’s wardrobe as the ultimate magical tool. Being a Venusian-ruled triple Taurus, Gabriela’s divine purpose is to empower others through the self-loving ritual of adornment. For her, beauty is not an obligation or a convention, but a way of being.

May 20, 2021

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