Woman Crush Wednesday: Merris Beadle

This week, our WCW is Merris Beadle, aka bb.goddess.  22-year-old Merris is a Los Angeles native and the ultimate creative. Her talents range from shooting brilliant photography to creating psychedelic graphic design and crafting laser-cut jewelry. Beyond being a creative, Merris is an engineering student at Pasadena City College with a love for projects that explore the intersection of art and science.  Merris first came into the Wolven Threads universe when we collaborated on a photoshoot with Glitter Spies a couple years ago, and we have followed and loved her work ever since!  We recently collaborated on a Burning Man inspired beach photoshoot in Malibu. She has an eye for combining patterns and finding psychedelic synergies in imagery that we can't get enough of.  Keep reading to learn more about the amazing bb.goddess! 

When did you start to explore photography?
I’ve been taking pictures on disposable cameras since I was a toddler. I did photography for my first event for Splash Magazine when I was 16 and have been doing a lot of event photography under the name Digital Synchronicity for almost four years now. I have been working on a graphic design project for about two years on instagram which I call “bb.goddess.” This project is inspired by sacred geometry and psychedelic patterns. This year I have started creating my own background images of photos I have taken and manipulated. Most recently I have been working on 3-D and CAD modeling for laser cutting and 3-D printing applications.  

@jewelzthecat wears the Wolven Threads Awakening one piece styled with a laser cut necklace made by Merris

What festivals are you going to the rest of this summer?
Through working with a start-up company called Go So Pro, which is essentially a makerspace and fabrication lab, I assisted in designing logos and created laser cut necklaces for the Genius Sound Temple at Oregon Eclipse. Oregon Eclipse is the only festival I will attend this year because I am incredibly busy with school.  

Do you feel like you have a spirit animal?
My spirit animal is a cat. Meow.

How do you stay green at festivals?
I bring a water bottle everywhere I go, which I tie to a scarf and carry over my shoulder, and I do not litter. 

festival babes @forbiddenkitten, @sheaseery & @jewelz the cat styled in Wolven Threads' Burning Man top picks on sale now as part of our Burning Man Sale, shot by Merris

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?
I have always wanted to go to Germany and Australia. Germany so that I can get connected with my roots and Australia to explore nature and it’s wildlife. Also, both places have incredible progressive fashion scenes which I look to for style inspiration.

What is your dream photoshoot location?
I would love to work on more studio projects with set design. I want to make props and create environments to bring my psychedelic backgrounds to life. 

In the theme of WCW, is there a certain woman who inspires you most?
My grandmother Edith Brittingham. She was the first woman in commercial real estate and was the top real estate agent for Coldwell Banker for many years. My grandma Edie is always fabulous, greets everyday with a smile, and handles every situation with grace.

@forbiddenkitten wears laser cut jewelry by Merris styled with the Wolven Threads Red Flower one piece swimsuit, on sale today only for $99

Can you tell us a bit more about your studies in STEM?
I am currently studying to be an Agricultural Engineer. My plan is to create more sustainable industrial agriculture solutions in the US.

How do you manage to balance a career and a creative hobby?
I plan out my year according to my class schedule. Sometimes I have to dedicate all my time to school for a for a few weeks. When I do have free time I dive into my art and make personal goals to complete various projects. This summer I have been working on starting a jewelry line.

Stay tuned for more creative projects from Merris and be sure to follow her photography pages @digitalsynchronicity & @bb.goddess! 

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