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Wolven x Cancel Plastic

For each sale, Wolven removes one pound of trash from the ocean.

Let's Cancel Plastic

At Wolven, we are determined to educate our community about the negative impacts of plastic pollution and to do our part to help as much as we can. In partnership with our friends at Cancel Plastic, we are helping stop plastic waste and funding ocean clean up.

Cancel Plastic is a movement committed to stopping plastic waste and funding ocean cleanup.

About Cancel Plastic

How does Cancel Plastic remove plastic from the ocean?

Cancel Plastic works with ECSSA, located in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. ECSSA actively employs a network of over 9,000 collectors over the entire country of Haiti. Working with ECSSA work empowers collectors to increase their income and inspires economic upward mobility, all while cleaning the environment.

So, what exactly is Ocean Bound Plastic?

Ocean Bound Plastic is mismanaged plastic waste that travels through rivers, streets, beaches, and the ocean. When the seasonal rains arrive in Haiti, this plastic is often flushed out into the ocean.

How many pounds have been removed so far?

ECSSA has directly removed over 60,000,000 lbs of plastic since its founding in 2010.

How can I be sure this is legit?

With so many companies running scams these days, this is a 100% valid question. Cancel Plastic is one of the approved partners of ECSSA, so you can rest assured that your purchases are truly going towards supporting their work.

Where can I learn more about Cancel Plastic?

You can check out Cancel Plastic's website over at

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