Let’s be real — the festival excitement starts once the planning commences. First, you drop hundreds of dollars on a ticket, the hotel, and then comes the fun spending — outfits. It can literally take months to find the perfect festival fit. Especially if you are shopping sustainably. The opportunities for festival styling are endless, but how many of them are actually sustainable? Well, that's what I'm here for. I’m Stephanie, Community Manager here at Wolven, and unpaid festival superstar in the real world. I have all the details you need to make this year's festival fits as sustainable as they can be. I’ve curated a detailed Wolfpack Sustainable Festival Style Guide Series inspired by what’s hot in the festival scene. Get your notes out, this week we're diving deep into the “5 Steps you need to build the perfect sustainable festival."

5 Steps to Building the Perfect Sustainable Festival Outfit:

  1. Build a Foundation
  2. Select Statement Pieces
  3. Add Accessories from Home
  4. Thrift Missing Pieces 
  5. Ensemble a Comfortable Look


Build a Foundation

Every festival fit starts with a stellar foundation. Think: Who do you want to be today? The variety of fashion trends to play with while achieving your vision is endless. You can dabble with a VSCO vibe —  building off a neon color palette. Take a leap of faith and dip into the wild side by structuring your outfit around intricate patterns as a beginner wook.

Don’t forget you can always tap into the classic Y2K styling with an edgy statement top. Better yet, throw them all together for a wildly creative vibe. A foundation is just the start and does not always define the final look, and remember, any fashion route you take will be easy to mold into something comfortable and cute — especially if you’re wearing Wolven. 

Select Statement Pieces 

Once the foundation has been laid out. Selecting your statement pieces will be the next step to curate this festival season's best fits. Wolven’s wide range of styles and prints offer multiple options for statement pieces. If you like a cheeky vibe you can style a One-Piece Suit or High-Waisted Shorts with any of your favorite tops. For our dancing queens, Wolven’s Flares will be the perfect partner on the dance floor.

Depending on your vibe, you might gravitate towards a specific color palette or print. Greens are easily a favorite for styling a fresh new fit. Take a look at our Fauna Flares, the festival must-have. Cascading down into a fluttery flare the buttery soft recycled pet fabric curates the essence of mother nature through the artistry in the design. Topped off with a delicate Fauna Key-Hole Top heading to the festival will be like transporting through a portal into another more sustainable world. Made with 41 plastic bottles this Fauna set could not be more perfect for a festival fit. With the mandala centered in the front, you can take advantage of layering your accessories around the beautiful design.

Add Accessories from Home

Before jetting off to the fast fashion stores at the mall, take a look at what accessories you have at home. It truly isn’t the end of the world if you wear the same necklace from Hard Summer to Coachella. Just think about it – one gold ring can produce as much as 20 pounds of toxic waste. Now imagine all the festival jewelry bought each new rave. We can figure out something more sustainable at home.

Choosing chunky jewelry from Grandma’s stash or shopping around your sibling's closet can prove to be useful. There may be an old sweatshirt you could crop and spruce up with some natural dyes like Turmeric. If you can find a pair of old sunglasses to bring along instead of purchasing a new set for each outfit you’ll be saving the planet from yet another discarded item on the festival floor. 

Thrift Missing Pieces

Once you’ve checked every crevice, hidden closet, and attic if there are still some pieces you could use – it's time to thrift. Picking up accessories from your local farmers' market or thrift store is a sustainable alternative to buying cheap products that won’t last from Amazon. Thrift stores offer endless opportunities for vintage finds perfect for festival additions. While sustainable brands like Wolven provide foundational pieces with bold prints and colors. The combination of old and new (but sustainable) will be key for your next outfit.

If you still can’t find exactly what you saw in that one Facebook ad, I have a little secret for you… my favorite thrift stores are my friend’s closets. Sharing is caring for the planet when it involves cute festival clothes. Swap out your Fauna Key-Hole Top for your friend’s One-Shoulder to change up your wardrobe. Throw on the reverse side for a bold pop of color! The choice is yours.

Ensemble a Comfortable Look

Once you have all your pieces together it’s important to style them with comfort in mind. Music festivals can last anywhere from four to twelve hours. While in California weather can range from desert heat to cool winter breeze. If you head to an event in the midwest during winter, you’ll even have snow! If you don’t come prepared you could have an outfit emergency. Going to a beach festival? Throw on the Onyx Cage One Piece or style a Key-Hole Top with your favorite Flares. Add a fringe sweater or cropped sweatshirt to tailor your favorite set to the weather of the event. This way you won’t have to sacrifice style or comfortability wearing Wolven at your next festival. 

To be the cutest and most sustainable queen at the festival all you need to do is follow these steps. Between steps one and five you’ll have created a few fire festival outfits. The best part is – they’ll be sustainable. Grab your bestie and head to wolventhreads.com to get started building your festival season closet. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest so let’s do it with care in mind.


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