Coachella weekend is finally upon us again. After a jam-packed 2021, we are officially migrating back into our usual festival schedule. While we’ve seen the effects of covid regulations impact the flow of festival entry, crowd control, and vendor management there have also been huge strides to include environmentally safe initiatives as the industry evolves. The festival industry has proved its ability to adapt no matter how high the stakes. Over the past few years, festivals like Coachella have been implementing environmentally friendly programs to benefit our planet while the music is playing. With the use of refillable water stations, rewards for collecting trash, and innovative campground clean-up initiatives the party planners have made the first step towards a sustainable Coachella weekend.

These small steps are a big deal, but it takes more than the implementation to make a difference. As a collective, we need to take action. The Wolfpack community has many eco-conscious and festival-going individuals. With bold prints and vibrant colors, our reversible sets are the best sustainable alternative for multi-day festivals like Coachella, but you already knew that. Together with the festival community, we can make the difference mother nature deserves. The real question is how do we party sustainably? Follow along for a detailed summary of the best festival etiquette for staying sustainable inside the event. 

Once you get inside Coachella and the initial feeling of euphoria begins to set in, the work is just beginning. Being sustainable throughout the event is the next step to a successful Coachella weekend. Having to store your things at a makeshift campground or carry everything in a single backpack can feel limiting, but really the possibilities are endless. You will just have to be a little creative with your space. When packing your camping stuff try to keep it light. Stick to the necessities for shelter and food. Bring a tent, outdoor rugs, chairs, table, and cooking supplies but don’t forget to bring containers to pack it all back into your car at the end of the weekend.

Being out in the heat (or cold) all day would take a toll on the best festival-goer. Add in dancing and you’re going to get thirsty, often. We cannot say this enough — bring a reusable water bottle. It might seem like an extra weight at first, but what you don’t know is just how important having your own water canister is. You’re likely to run into multiple water refill stations throughout the day. While also passing by countless water bottles, cans, and plastic cups near but never actually in the trash cans. By skipping the $9 plastic bottles, between you and your friend group you could potentially be saving a pound of plastic each day. Plus what’s the harm in adding one more sustainable accessory to complete your festival look? 

We can’t be the first to tell you that bathroom situations can be a little iffy on the Coachella festival grounds. Especially if you are camping. With one trailer full of dozens of showers and portable toilets sitting in the sun all weekend you’ll want to do whatever you can to stay clean. Instead of drenching yourself in non-compostable glitter that you’ll eventually have to wipe off with sweaty toilet paper. Try out a sustainable alternative. Look for reusable face gems and incorporate makeup you already have instead of grabbing the cheap sparkly stuff at CVS. Don't forget to ditch the wet wipes for some biodegradable ones to keep clean. If you can’t find any biodegradable wipes try sharing a single pack of wet wipes amongst your whole friend group. As long as you make an effort you’ll see there are endless ways to be a sustainable festival-goer.

Before you say goodbye to Coachella, make sure you aren’t leaving behind any waste. Camping festivals attendees produce an excessive amount of waste due to a lack of care. Please leave your campground just as you found it – empty. That means whatever you brought goes with you. If there aren’t any trash cans pile the trash into your trunk and head to a local dumpster. While tents, sleeping bags, and chairs can be annoying to fold back up they are very reusable. It’s important to take all of it back with you because it doesn’t belong there. Plus you’ll need them for Coachella next year. 

Music is a powerful force in nature. Coming together to celebrate beautiful harmonies will be something we participate in for a long time. This is why it is important the festival industry takes note of all the negative effects their temporary heavens have on the surrounding environments. 

Communities have noticed a change in the policies and structure of festivals over the past few years resulting in less waste and more fun. There is also hope for an environmentally safe festival industry as countless festival attendees begin taking part in clean-up initiatives. Now it’s time for you to do your part. Check out our Coachella Styles to make sure you are dressed sustainably head to toe for this year's event.

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