The best way to cool off is by getting naked. Period. TBH we really don’t need to elaborate but we will. When done responsibly (or more widely known as legally) skinny dipping is a way for the human soul to connect with nature by escaping the boundaries of our bodies. Being free mentally and physically are intrinsically linked to a better life – trust us we read it online.

Really though, who knew boosting your endorphins would be so easy? By releasing the constricting bounds clothing has on our lives we can increase our livelihoods. That is music to our ears. We hate to brag, but we know a lot about getting naked. Keep your eyes on the blog, we have 5 Benefits of Skinny Dipping headed your way. 



 The sun does more than brighten our days. Through exposure to the sun we are able to naturally synthesize Vitamin D in our systems. While the sunlight interacts with skin it reacts with the cholesterol in your body creating Vitamin D (que the: ohh, ahhh). Naturally, by stripping yourself bare, the sun has more landscape to sprinkle that good good Vitamin D on. You know what more Vitamin D means? Leading a healthier life. 



 Without clothes, your body has the opportunity to release more toxins. Tight clothes can often suppress toxins desperately trying to escape your body. With all the processed food, plastics by-products, and pesticide ridden vegetables consumed daily we produce a lot of toxins. Take off that Ruched Top. Swimming naked you’ll offer a free ride to any bad vibes to leave your system, not just the toxins. 



 If you’ve never taken your clothes off under the sparkling stars there's a chance you haven’t felt your beauty to the fullest. The societal standards for beauty do not correlate to the actual beauty of a human body. With social media governing our ideology we are currently facing an overwhelming amount of body negativity. Take off those clothes, jump into the water – and free yourself from those ungodly standards. You are beautiful. Your body is beautiful. You make sustainability sexy. If you surprise yourself with love your body and mind will show you gratitude.



 Sometimes you can’t always buy a reversible swimsuit like the ones Wolven pioneered. However, you can still be sustainable. Just swim naked! (legally, of course) Please don’t go to your local pool and get undressed. Instead head over to one of over 400 locations in the US that offer legal nudity for the public. You can help out the planet and produce less waste by skipping the bathing suit purchase. Save your money and get naked now. Don’t worry you’ll have your chance to grab a good eco-friendly suit, Wolven’s Fall restock will be here soon enough. 



 Bodies experience trauma just like we do. Before the modernity of the technological world took over, nature was something we experienced daily. Now it can be weeks before someone truly divulges the magic mother earth so graciously creates. Our roots are so deeply embedded in every ecosystem we’ve distanced ourselves from what makes us human. The cold water on your bare silky skin is a portal to the past where we were more free to be human. 

Nature connects us to our roots. Nature is our home. Let's get naked and enjoy it.

Written By: 
Stephanie Tarr 

Stephanie is a Los Angeles based content creator, specializing in connecting people with their inner child. As a natural born guide, Stephanie’s next journey is helping people rediscover themselves. For her, being true to yourself, is the biggest adventure of all. 

August 02, 2022

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