Bad at volleyball? No shame – sports aren’t for everyone, and for a lot of us here at Wolven, the only thing we’re serving is a cute, sustainable look. But it’s no fun to turn down a beach volleyball invite with friends either. That’s why we made you this list of ways to contribute to the team, even if you’re far from being the MVP. You got this. 

1) Bring snacks

There are no winners on an empty stomach. Show up with nutritious, shareable treats for your friends and you’ll basically be promoted to team captain. How about these bite-sized superfood truffles? Easy, yummy, and packed with a boost of nutrients for an active day on the court. 

2) Moral support

Who’s got spirit? It’s so underrated – good vibes are key to any team’s success. Bring the energy on a hot summer day and your team will thank you. Pro tip: coming up with a fun team name goes a long way – bring your silliest ideas! 

3) Look cute

Confidence is key. It might not win the whole game for you, but it’ll sure help you have more fun in the sun. And isn’t that what really matters? We think so. These cute sets can help you with tip #3, and a lot of them actually double as swimsuits for a post-game rinse. Not our fault if you’re the hottest one in team photos.

Ready to hit the sand? Go ahead and serve. 

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