Wolven makes every summer beach activity cute – yeah, even snorkeling. Here are some things you never knew about the relaxing excursion. 

1. It’s good cardio

Snorkeling is an aerobic activity, which means a low intensity activity that can be sustained. Moving against the water, even at a slow or relaxed pace, will have your heart beating faster for a low impact cardio workout. 

2. It’s super relaxing
Moving slowly through calm, clear waters and taking in the beautiful, mysterious underwater world. It doesn’t get more relaxing than that. Plus, the slow, measured breathing through your mask can have a meditative and calming effect. 

3. It’s been around for thousands of years

The earliest recorded evidence of snorkeling or scuba diving dates back to 3,000 B.C. in Greece. Ancient artifacts have been found, showing that divers would use hollow reeds as a snorkeling tool. Talk about sustainable resources. Leonardo da Vinci is credited with the invention of the first modern snorkel in the 16th century.

4. You don’t need much
Of course, you can go all out with a bunch of fancy equipment. But the snorkeling basics are pretty accessible to anyone – all you really need is a mask and a snorkel. You’re on your own with the plane ticket to Hawaii, though.

Did these snorkeling secrets make you eager to plan your next vacation? We hope so. Don't forgot to pack your favorite sustainable Wolven swimsuit and snorkel for your next trip — and have fun exploring.

August 09, 2022

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