She’s been there for you since the beginning and she’ll be there for you to the end. She always feels like home. She feeds you, clothes you, provides a roof over your head. She is the stability that keeps you grounded. Not to mention she’s an excellent listener, always provides the greatest adventures, and never asks for anything in return...the essence of balance, and the ultimate example of unconditional love.

True love comes in lots of forms… but our love for the Earth will stand the test of time. She really is always there for us. So here are 5 ways this Valentine’s day that we can show a little love back:

1. Say no to single-use plastic

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One of the best ways we can show Mama Earth a little extra love is by being more conscious about single–use plastic, single–use anything really.

Headed out for the day or to the cafe? Bring your water bottle, reusable coffee mug or cup. Cute, affordable, reusable mugs are available everywhere these days. Not to mention a lot of coffee shops will actually give you a discount for bringing your own mug.

Grabbing your reusable produce & grocery bags may seem like a give in these days, but have you tried switching up snack and sandwich baggies for reusable products as well? The fishies will thank you.

2. Spend quality time outside

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What better way to show any living being your love than through quality time? Spending some extra time outside with Mama Earth is so grounding, and naturally instills deeper love and appreciation for our beautiful planet.

Even if it’s winter where you are, there are always ways to be outside, including hiking, skiing and snowshoeing just to name a few. Just remember to bundle up. Wolven leggings are great layering pieces in the winter.

Not a fan of the cold? Bring the outdoors in with plants in your home or office. Having plants in our indoor spaces is notoriously beneficial for our mental and physical health. If you start an indoor herb garden it can benefit your cooking too.

3. Give back

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Finding ways to give back to the planet really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Community service can be an amazing way to connect with others and meet new friends that love the Earth just like you. Look up what local beach and park clean–ups are happening near you, or reach out to your local animal shelter. Take your own steps to get your friends together and plan your own clean–up. 

Volunteering really is food for the soul. When we give to others we give to ourselves as well, so really it’s a dose of self–love too.

4. Shop sustainable

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There are so many ways to bring conscious consumerism into our daily lives, making it one of the best ways to make a difference on a daily basis. Going shopping? Choose thrift and second–hand stores or companies with a sustainable mission. Wolven pairs perfectly with your favorite second-hand jacket. Style the Argyle Print with whites and tans for a muted mood.

Getting ready for some spring cleaning? Donate or recycle the clothes you don’t want or need anymore. So many stores including second–hand stores, Goodwill and even H&M offer clothing donation and recycling so nothing goes to waste. Plan your own Wolven clothing swap with your besties to get more wear out of your Wolven pieces.

When it comes to food shopping, choosing to support local, organic farms through farmer’s markets is the best way to say “I Love You” to the Earth and the communities in your area that keep her healthy and growing.

5. Love "you"

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Never forget that you are nature too. So show yourself some extra love, body, mind, and soul this February, because love never runs out, and the more we fill our own cup the more we have to give.

Even five minutes of meditation a day has shown to have incredible health benefits mentally and physically. Staying active through exercise, yoga or even trying a new kind of class like Tai Chi or Qi Gong can bring a little more excitement into the winter months and keep you feeling good too.

By far one of the most impactful ways we can show the Earth love, and our bodies too, is to cut back on meat and dairy. We don't have to go fully vegan or vegetarian to make a significant difference. Although it doesn’t hurt. Cutting back even a bit on our meat and dairy intake has a powerful impact on the planet, and can introduce you to some new, fun and interesting foods along the way.

About the author

Allee Graziano @alleewild

Allee Graziano moved out west from her home in Massachusetts two years ago and has been dedicated to exploring the American West ever since. She has used her career as an outdoor lifestyle photographer to inspire others to get outdoors, educate on sustainability values and create beautiful content for brands passionate about preserving and celebrating Mama Earth.

February 04, 2020

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