We all know February is the month of L-O-V-E. It’s the time to soak up that self love and focus on what feels good! Whether that’s carving out time for a bubble bath, trying a new kind of yoga class or taking yourself on a date night and splurging on dessert, there are lots of ways we can show ourselves the love we deserve!

As we transition this month from Aquarius to the energy of Pisces we as a collective are being asked to dive deep into our heart space, learning to think with our heart instead of our head! Particularly in pursuit of our happiness, dreams, and ambitions.

After dreaming big but strategically in January with the energy of Capricorn and Aquarius, it is now time to fuel everything from our day to day tasks to our biggest goals with a little more heart and soul!

The deep, watery energy of Pisces asks us to reconnect to the “why” of what we want to do and create in our lives. And allow that clarity to not only open the door but give us a passionate push in the right direction. Feel first this month, and leave the overthinking behind!


Your theme this month is “independence and presence!” After what was likely a busy birthday month, it’s time to take a step back and simply revel in the magic! Focus on feeling good this month, and if you’ve struggled at all with your sense of self, or stability, take some time to meditate (particularly on your solar plexus chakra!) or have some quality “me” time. Reconnect with everything there is to love about you! When we feel grateful and at peace with what we have and where we’re at, we invite more of that magic and abundance in. Prosperity lies ahead for those who trust in the timing of the Universe. Presence is your power. Enjoy this moment to the fullest!



Your theme this month is “success and cycles!” You are entering a very exciting time with much success on the horizon. You also might be feeling very reflective this month as we come up on your birthday season. Completing one trip around the sun and beginning another makes this the perfect time to honor your personal story and the cycles in your life. You should be so proud of how far you’ve come, so take some time to reflect on where you were this time last year, five years ago, or further, and really appreciate yourself for all that you have done! Rest easy knowing your hard work is about to pay off Pisces!



Your theme this month is “transformation.” The death card is a reminder that every day we begin anew, fresh and with a blank slate! We are free to choose any energy we would like to embody, and to be whoever we would like to be. Expand and shine this month with strong faith in your dreams! They were created to be your compass. Progress is not as far off as it may seem. But where has fear or worthiness maybe gotten in the way of you taking the lead in your life? The Universe has given you the green light to passionately move forward and take action, as Aries does best! The challenges you are facing right now are not to deter you, they are an initiation, to ensure that you are ready to step up into the next level of your life. And you ARE READY!



Your theme this month is “doing things differently!” The Page of Pentacles is an opportunity to change up your routine and try old tasks in a new way. This can also be about freshening up your perspective! As well as the possibility of a new opportunity in your work life. Paired with “Delight” you are tasked this month with focusing on FEELING GOOD. Starting your day with a gratitude list will be the perfect way to raise your vibration and invite these opportunities in that are clearly knocking at your door! With a double healing message this month, remember to not be too hard on yourself. Make time for self care, self love and doing whatever makes you feel relaxed, happy and whole. Taking care of your internal world this month will be key to changing your external world! Also a special note for those considering pursuing studies as a “healer” this message says “Go for it!”



Your theme this month is “let go, and go with the flow.” With the Ten of Wands it’s possible that you may have been making things harder than they need to be. Make a “to do” list and really be honest with yourself about what truly needs to be a priority and what you can release or delegate to others. When you free up your energy, and open your mind to new solutions, everything has the space it needs to flow. You’ll be surprised how quickly things start working in your favor! “Believe in unlimited possibilities” and they will certainly show up for you! The Universe is guiding you to “envision a new reality & give yourself permission to dream.” Luck is on your side this month Gemini, so if there is a risk you have been considering, now may be the time to take the leap! It could very well lead to a windfall of abundance for you!



Your theme this month is “step into your power!” You have known for quite some time now what you are capable of, and it’s time to stop playing small and dimming your light. What passion projects, goals, or aspects of your emotional fulfillment have you had on the back burner? It’s time to take action! You might be pleasantly surprised with the abundance and balance that enters your life when you start acting from the knowing of your heart and let go of overthinking. Giving to yourself and to others opens you up to receive. Watch what happens when you go the extra mile! The Universe is just waiting to surprise you with something beautiful!



Your theme this month is “clarity & breakthroughs!” If you have been waiting for that “ah ha!” moment in a particular aspect of your life, you very well may be getting the clarity you need. Although you may realize once it comes, that you knew the answer all along! As we move into Pisces season take the time to tune into your heart space and instincts. They may give you some much needed insights on your next right move. Inspired action is key here! If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, put the matter at hand down, step away and go do something fun and just for you! When you come back try to take a look at the bigger picture. Exciting new adventures await on the other side of your fears. Dare to believe that your best case scenario is not only available to you, but the entire Universe is conspiring to help you achieve it!



Your theme this month is “rebirth!” The Empress is a total Queen and creates from a magnetic and abundant energy. Are you ready for a rebirth? The Universe is giving you the opportunity this month to “reinvent yourself, and give life to your dreams!” The energies are completely supportive of you creating a whole new YOU, and new vision for your life if you choose to! On another note, you very well could see the birth of a new opportunity, or something you’ve been working on for quite some time finally taking off this month! The gestation period is over. The conclusion of a period of waiting or rest is here, and it’s time for you, your passions, a project or your dreams to bloom. A buzzing energy of aliveness will emanate from you this month attracting even more abundance and opportunities to come! This is just the beginning Virgo!



Your theme this month is “commitment!” The Universe has BIG plans for you Libra, but you may have felt some resistance recently. These are not roadblocks but rather tests of your commitment to yourself, and belief in your dreams. Now is not the time to sit back and wait for a sign. You have everything you need already within you! Don’t be afraid to take action, even baby steps in what your heart feels is the right direction. You have a story and a message within you to share, and the opportunity to be a light to those around you! Don’t let fears or imposter syndrome stop you from being who you are meant to be. You are so worthy of all that you desire, and you have so much to offer! This is the Universe saying “we need you! Shine your light! Share your message!” Your unique voice is a gift that the world needs now more than ever.



Your theme this month is “communication!” It may be a message that clear and honest communication is key for you this month. This also may be you receiving an important message or communication that may jumpstart you on a new path. Get ready though, once the momentum starts things will likely move fast! Be open to working with others this month to achieve mutual goals. You are very close to accomplishing something that means a lot to you, but they key may be in co-creating! Tap into your intuition when deciding who to partner with to ensure you will be compatible. You very well may be attracting new soul family this month! Stay open!



Your theme this month is “stay the course!” It’s like that you have been waiting for something to manifest in your life for quite some time, and possibly started to lose hope. This oracle comes with a message to trust that your desire is on its way. It may come in differently than you anticipated, but it will be better than you ever imagined, and all because of your patience and trust! Part of the delay too may be in your receptivity. Feel into your inner world, and clear out any feelings of unworthiness, doubt or insecurity. You deserve the absolute best and the Universe wants to give it to you! Having confidence in your ability and worthiness to receive is key to welcoming this prosperity or opportunity in. This is also a call to connect with and call on your soul family for support, both here on Earth and in the cosmos!



Your theme this month is “wish fulfillment!” But you MUST believe your dreams are achievable and your desires are available to you. Unlimited abundance in all forms, stability, friendship, adventure, is here for you now. But you must have faith when you put your desires out into the Universe. The Universe responds to your vibration, not your words, so take the time to really feel into what it would be like to have all your wishes come true! That will be the energy that invites them in! The Universe also wants you to know “you are exactly where you need to be.” Now is not the time to rush the process, but to delight in every step of the journey, knowing without a doubt that you are on your way to greatness!


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Allee Graziano @alleewild

Allee Graziano moved out west from her home in Massachusetts two years ago and has been dedicated to exploring the American West ever since. She has used her career as an outdoor lifestyle photographer to inspire others to get outdoors, educate on sustainability values and create beautiful content for brands passionate about preserving and celebrating Mama Earth.

January 30, 2020

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