We made it. 2023. This is your year. The start of a new year is exciting and a little bit daunting. Introducing habits into your world might help relax those overwhelming feelings that the new year brings. 

1. Find a Routine That Energizes You

The new year doesn’t necessarily need to be a time of this massive change we often perceive it to be. What it can serve as, is the push you’ve been waiting or yearning for. The beginning of the new year is an excellent time to find a routine that energizes you. This can be as simple as committing to one or more things to do daily or planning our day out. Maybe you choose a time to start your day or a time to relax. If your energy peaks in the morning, use the morning to be productive and vice versa for any other time of day. Planning is helpful in figuring out your mental capacity for the day or the week. 

2. Write it Down

Putting thought to paper is so simple yet so powerful. Keeping thoughts in your brain allows them to swirl and fester (not to mention forget). Write your routine (#1 habit), or daily to - dos to avoid forgetting tasks that need to get done. This habit assists with mental clarity. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the beginning of a new year – to feel that feeling of needing to accomplish it all. Write down everything that is overwhelming you - let it all spill out. In addition to the overwhelming, can you challenge yourself to write down the good. Write what makes you happy, what you’re looking forward to, any accomplishments – the list is endless. Added bonus: you get to buy a cute journal. 

What to write down: 

  • Your routine
  • Daily to do's
  • Anything that is overwhelming you
  • The good things — accomplishments, things to look forward to, things that make you happy


3. Keep Your Space Tidy 

If you only choose to go by a few thing in this list – let keeping your space tidy be one of them. According to ohsospotless, on average, Americans spend six hours a week cleaning. Sounds like a lot, huh? Regardless of if you relate to that to a tee, think about all of the hours you spend cleaning that could go toward other productive work. Starting the day with making the bed is one accomplishment in itself, and even better? Having clean sheets to sleep on at night for a good night's sleep. Clutter has the ability to create a sense of chaos. Take that extra second to pick up your Wolven leggings off the floor instead of letting your sets build. A clean home gives you a place to relax, renew, and restore your energy.

4. Nourish Your Body and Mind

Nourishing your body can go in more than one way. We nourish our bodies through foods that make us feel good. If you frequent eating out, can you make it a habit to cook from home a few times a week? The act of cooking our own food allows you to see exactly what ingredients go into your meals and in turn into your body. You can also nourish your body through movement. A simple walk, or maybe a yoga class. Nourish your mind by reading something new or having thoughtful conversations with friends. 


5. One Hour a Day

Last month, we touched on this in our Little Things series. We know, we’re sounding like a broken record with this one, but this is so important. You deserve an hour (or more) for yourself each and every single day. That hour could be cooking a nourishing meal, going on a run, taking a class, reading a book – its endless.  Incorporate this habit into your routine. A yoga teacher  once said in class, “Think about a list of all of the people you love.” A few minutes later they said, “So where were you on the list? If you’re not there, it’s time to put yourself at the top.” Let this hour be your way of putting yourself at the top. 

About the Author


Jordan is a Brooklyn based member of Wolven’s marketing team. Outside of Wolven, she is a certified yoga and pilates instructor. On her mat is where she finds mental clarity, physical strength, and her source of breath. Her energetic spirit and appreciation for the roots of the practice is visible in her teaching. Wolven is where she combines her adoration for fashion, wellness, and media.

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