One step at a time. Routine can start with a glass of water in the morning, incorporating daily movement or by changing habits. From movement to writing it down, your life can transform with the routine you have in place. It’s a mindset, then it’s a lifestyle. Here’s a place to start: hydrate, meditate, evaluate. 


Keep a bottle of water by your bed at night this makes it easy to wake up in the morning and hydrate right away. There are a multitude of benefits we get from drinking water in the morning. Off the bat, it immediately helps rehydrate the body and aids in flushing out toxins that your body stores throughout the night. This helps fuel the brain and in turn,  Increases alertness. Water in the morning = a productive day.Pro tip: add lemon to your water. 



Meditation is the act of focusing, clearing your mind, and finding intention through mental or physical exercises. Meditation comes in endless forms that can be incorporated into your morning routine. Here are three we love: 

  • Seated Meditation
  • Physical Movement
  • Journaling

A widely popular form is seated meditation. In a seated meditation, find a place to sit comfortably, breath, and focus. You may have seen on our Instagram Reels “How to Do Box Breath.” This is an excellent breath to start with as you learn to meditate. Another form of meditation is physical movement. Physical movement does not need to be anything crazy. This could be a walk, yoga class, or even dancing around the house. One last (and we could go on and on) way to meditate is through journaling. Start the day with writing things down. Write down your dreams, what you're grateful for, what you are looking forward to — put some pen to paper. P.S: Summit makes a pretty good outfit for this. 

Evaluate Whether You Need to Look At Your Phone

We live in a day and age where we rely on our phones for so much. We use them as maps, cameras, as entertainment, and ways to communicate. A challenge for you this year is can you avoid reaching for your phone the moment you wake up in the morning. Can you go for one hour without scrolling?

Start with this: drink some water and perform your form of meditation before you decide to pick up your phone. If you’re concerned about not knowing the time get an alarm clock. If you’re concerned you’ll miss an important message they will call you (and then you can pick it up). Nothing is more important than serving yourself. 


Honorary Mention: Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is our honorary mention because this isn’t something specific to your morning routine. This is something to practice each and every day throughout the day. Here’s an exercise for you:

  1. Start your day with 10 pennies in your right pocket
  2. As you move along your day,  move a penny into your left pocket each time you find something to be grateful for
  3. At the end of the day, take a moment to reflect on what you felt gratitude for throughout the day

The act of moving a penny from one pocket to the other makes each moment of gratitude tangible. You might be surprised that there is always at least one thing to feel grateful for. 

About the Author


Jordan is a Brooklyn based member of Wolven’s marketing team. Outside of Wolven, she is a certified yoga and pilates instructor. On her mat is where she finds mental clarity, physical strength, and her source of breath. Her energetic spirit and appreciation for the roots of the practice is visible in her teaching. Wolven is where she combines her adoration for fashion, wellness, and media.

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