8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

The first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970. Activating over 22 million people, this amazing day launched the modern environmental movement, and ushered in the passage of revolutionary environmental legislation that changed the U.S. forever.

After a period of intense public pressure, the U.S. government finally responded with sweeping actions designed to save biodiversity, improve public health, and clean up toxic substances for good. The Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act (all passed in the early 1970s following the first Earth Day) dramatically improved U.S. waterways, air quality, and environmental protections for years to come.



In 1990 (just twenty years later), Earth Day had grown by ten times its initial size, and over 200 million people across 141 different countries were inspired to speak up for the planet. It was official—environmentalism had spread to the world stage.

Of course today, the movement just continues to grow. In fact, this year, over half a million people are expected to join together around the globe on April 22nd to participate in political action and volunteerism. Many of us know that our beautiful planet is in more trouble than ever before, and it’s up to all of us to do something about it. Every one of our voices matters. Every action has an impact. Every choice has the ability to create change.


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Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to both to celebrate this incredible place that we call home, and recommit to doing whatever we can to make the planet better for future generations. After all, green living isn’t about sacrifice—it’s about love. It’s about being proud of the impact we have on the world around us, and about being embraced by a community who share our same values.

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8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

  1. Plant a tree (or two!).

  2. Participate in a beach clean up.

  3. Write a letter to your representatives in Congress in support of the environment.

  4. Go for a hike in nature.

  5. Create a composting bin.

  6. Shop at your local farmers market.

  7. Commit to going plastic free for a day.

  8. Gift your best friends Wolven Threads, and talk to them about the importance of supporting eco-friendly brands.

It’s through compassion for one another, and compassion for the very Earth that we depend on, that things will change. It’s through local action, with a global perspective, that together we can all bring about a brighter future for ourselves, and for those whom we love. This planet is endlessly inspiring. It’s up to us to carry the flame for future generations, so that they too can dance in its magic.


Written by Annie Katherine Martin 

Annie is an activist, writer, environmental scientist, and yogi dedicated to environmental issues related to food, water, and agriculture. Her passions have led her around the world researching child malnutrition, the consequences of industrial farming, and successful soil remediation techniques. Today, Annie teaches yoga and works for a non-profit called Kiss the Ground, working to reverse climate change, transform international food supply chains, and create a more equitable world. Connect with Annie on Instagram at @annie_katherine_martin 

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