Taurus Time: Returning to Nature

On April 20th, the Sun’s trek through the battlefields of Aries comes to a close, and we move forward into the greener, calmer pastures of Taurus.

Aries season was a stimulating and potentially overwhelming time, as it endowed our spirits with a fresh breath of air and inspiration towards our personal ambitions.

Now, as we move into Taurus season, we seek to build a foundation that will support the lofty goals that we’ve been envisioning. Taurus season is ruled by the proprietor of beauty, Venus, who sees that the fragrant flowers bloom with color and that nature begins to thrive, fervent and green.

We will begin to slow our pace considerably, preferring now to drift languidly through a garden, and to enjoy the simplicity of just smelling the flowers and basking in the warm sun.

Taurus is a sign that is deeply connected with mother earth, as it is the first earth sign of the zodiac, deeming the sign’s demeanor to be one that is quite literally “grounded” or “down to earth”.

During taurus season, we should encourage ourselves to move away from the everyday technology that we find ourselves surrounded by.

It’s an ideal time to step away from your cellphone for a bit, and simply exist just as yourself outside. If you can manage to schedule a little earthy retreat, do it! Go for a hike, sit by the water, stroll through a field or forest.

Taurus is a simple sign, there is no outward flashiness to it’s allure. It’s beauty comes from embracing the simplicity of the natural beauty of the planet we reside on. Taurus season is also great for creating art and music with ones hands, as it is a very physical sign. Everything also tastes better under Taurus's sensate spell, food and wine enjoyed at home in a cozy space will be make the soul happy now.

This taurus season is bound to be unlike any other, as Uranus, the outer planet who acts erratically and bring surprises and change, will move into the sign of the bull and remain there for the next 7 years.

Uranus hasn’t been in taurus since the late 1930’s, where it last saw the onset of the great depression. Many astrologers are getting the feeling that the story of Uranus in taurus will be one of revolutionary changes taking place, for good or bad, in our economy and the marketplace.

Uranus in taurus is an unusual image, as taurus itself represents the steady ground of the earth we walk upon everyday. The ground that we can trust won’t dissolve beneath our feet. The ground we collapse into in the summer shade to rest our weary bones in the grass.

Uranus in the sign of strong and stable earth looks a lot like a giant earthquake, as it's Uranus' job to completely upheave this terrain. Individually, it will be reshaping the parts of our lives that have grown too stagnant and stubborn to change.

Look to the house that Taurus is ruled by in your chart to see where this major new energy will be coming into! Remember, Uranus isn’t a threat to you unless you cling to an imagined reality that is resistant to growth. That mindset attracts Uranian energy like a magnet, as Uranus wishes to come in and shock you with lightning bolt revelations of truth and authenticity.

This week has overseen some big astrological shifts, as the stage has been set for some big change. Chiron, an asteroid astrologers refer to as “the wounded healer”, has moved out of the oceanic waters of Pisces and into independent Aries. Chiron has been traveling through Pisces since 2010, where he’s sought out ancient wounds around Piscean themes, such as empathy, surrender, escape, and connection to source. Chiron’s job as he transits the signs of the zodiac is to bring upt the old wounds of each archetype for re-evaluation and understanding, so that we can heal our own wounds. Chiron entered Aries on April 17th and will remain in the sign of the pioneering warrior until 2027! Pretty crazy, we’ve got some work to do on ourselves. While Chiron moves through Aries, we will be exploring the archetypal wounds of the Ram, including wounds around our ego, how we take action, and how we function as individuals vs. the world.

Saturn turned retrograde on April 17th as well and will remain moving backwards until September of 2018. Saturn’s retrograde period calls for us to start simplifying our responsibilities and commitments. It’s time to cut out whatever we’ve agreed to that doesn’t actually mesh with what we want to be a part of.

Saturn retrograde periods are a time of trimming the fat off of our schedules, it’s not the time for adding on more things to your to do list. After Aries season we have a million things to do on our to-do list as it is!

Saturn is suggesting a more stress free approach. “Simplify!” he cries. By cutting back on the obligations that are too much for us or that we’re not even that invested in, we can put more time and effort into the things that we actually care about and work more efficiently at them!


Lots of love!


April 19, 2018

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