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Scorpio Full Moon: Into the Heart of Fearless Self Honesty

Scorpio Full Moon: Into the Heart of Fearless Self Honesty

A brooding full moon in Scorpio blazes in the night sky on Sunday, April 29th,  entering a two-day lunar phase that offers us a grand finale to a rather tumultuous month of changes. Taurus season has kept us busy tending to our more practical, material, and sensate needs. It’s given us the chance to slow down our pace and get back to the basics of enjoying life on earth.

Thus, Taurus’ opposite sign, Scorpio comes along and gives us a dose of the emotional tough stuff, plunging us deep beneath the grassy fields of Taurean passivity and into the dripping and dark caverns of our psyches.

Scorpio energy is deeply emotional, psychically sensitive, and intent on plummeting to the depths of our being. Sunday night’s Scorpio moon summons us take an honest look inward and to examine the emotional interior we’ve been inhabiting as of late. Full moons are naturally times of heightened emotions, as their peak brightness represents a climax of the lunar cycle, also mirroring our current situations here on earth, providing a spotlight of clarity and awareness. When we add Scorpio into this full moon mix, our emotional state becomes extremely palpable, intense, and raw.

Scorpio is a water sign, thus concerning it with emotional intelligence and feeling-based action. It’s responses are rooted in gut-instinct, not logic.

Scorpio’s mission is to embody the bravery to feel anything and to embrace the emotional uncertainty that bravery can bring. Scorpio is a sign that seeks to plunge past superficial encounters. It feels far more comfortable cultivating intense emotional experiences in it’s day to day than sitting around indulging in crowd pleasing small talk.

It wants to get to the heart and soul of the matter, to the sediment that sleeps deep beneath. This is why Scorpio is often associated with psychotherapy, mystery, and investigative research, because its natural mode of operation is to dig deep and get it’s hands dirty in order to seek the truth.

On a Scorpio full moon, it’s possible for us to internalize the intense emotions that arise now, as they can be frightening or overwhelming in their honesty.

Scorpio full moons are notorious for evading ones feelings through substances, so be cautious in overindulging with alcohol or drugs. If you can speak your own truth now in your art, go for it. If you can be sexually active and sensually attuned to yourself, alone or with a partner, this too can be a healthy form of expression for this moon. One of Scorpio’s complexes is that of merging with another and transcending beyond the mortal plane sexually, creating a death of the ego and uniting two souls into one. Kind of intense lol, but could be fun to try!

This full moon is in a positive aspect to Saturn in Capricorn, giving us the strong supportive anchor we need to safely dive down deep. Allowing this full moon to reveal your true emotions and rawest self is key here, and with Saturn by our side we should be able to implement some new structural changes in our lives that support these new emotional revelations.

Happy full moon and safe travels going down to the depths! 


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