A New 7 Year Story : The New Moon in Taurus

On May 15th, the steady ground beneath us begins to shake, as we are held witness to one of the most critical moments astrologically of 2018.

The lunar cycle resets itself in it’s natural rhythm with a new moon in Taurus that arrives early on the morning of 5/15 and sets the stage for whats to come.

Taurus new moons are usually rather tranquil, concerning us with setting intentions around our more practical, sensate, and material needs. We may feel the need to create new ideas on how to bring in more money or better manage our finances, as the Taurus mentality is tied up with money as a form of security!

Taurus also longs for sensual pleasures, taste being one of them. We may long to learn about how we nurture ourselves through food and drink.

Taurus new moon's are great times for getting back into nature and re-grounding ourselves.

The thing is, "getting grounded" right now might not be the easiest thing to accomplish, because the trusted ground that we've come to rely on is beginning to show some serious cracks beneath our feet.

This Taurus new moon comes at a fitting time, for only hours after it’s set in motion, Uranus moves forward out of Aries and into Taurus, putting pen to paper for a brand new story that will unfold over the next 7 years!

Uranus is a planet that is associated with extremes, disruptions, and sudden insights. He’s concerned with bringing electricity into the parts of your life that have become stagnant, inauthentic, or simply too comfortable. Uranus has been moving through the Aries ruled part of your chart for the last 7 years. Look to the house cusp ruled by Aries on your chart to see where these big shakeups and changes have been taking place, and get ready for that story to begin concluding.

Now, Uranus enters into the grassy realms of Taurus, where slow and steady typically is the name of the game. The thing is, Uranus doesn’t play the game of safe and secure.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign who represents the very ground we walk upon.

Uranus is the earthquake you didn’t know was coming, the rumbling and shifting of the tectonic plates. Uranus in Taurus wants to reacquaint you with your own truth by handing you a complete 180 and telling you to work with it.

The Taurus new moon that arrives this very same day is a marker for you to get ahead on starting anew. Embrace the changes that you feel are occurring within you, because fighting them only makes Uranian energy push back harder to make you change. Begin setting intentions around your Taurus ruled house, because thats where this new influx of energy will be rushing in.

To find out which house of your chart is ruled by Taurus, follow these steps. First, cast a free birth chart with an accurate birth time at astro.com! Once you've entered all of your information, your chart will pop up. A birth chart is composed of 12 houses that look like 12 pieces of a pie. Look along the outside of the wheel for the symbol of Taurus, a little bull with horns. Wherever that symbol falls you'll know you've found your Taurus house. Next, simply look to the number ruling that house, it should be close to the Taurus symbol, anywhere from 1-12! Feel free to shoot me a DM if you need some help locating it or understanding what that house entails.

For example, if Taurus rules your 7th house, you can expect big new revelations about your relationships, possible break ups, possible get back togethers. If Taurus rules your 4th house, you can expect new changes around your family, your home environment, and your early psychological foundations. Uranian energy can seem a bit scary at first, because it can pull the rug out from under us, but while you’re laying there afraid and uncertain on the cold hardwood floor, critical realizations can come to you and help move you forward out of a rut where you’ve been safe, but stuck. 

Personally, Uranus has been moving through my Aries ruled 9th house since 2011. The 9th house rules over your belief system, higher education, and spirituality. The year Uranus entered Aries I decided I no longer wanted to pursue a bachelors degree in photography and chose to settle with an associates, to the dismay of my family, but to the truth of my inner knowing (Uranus brings revelations!). I realized I loved taking pictures, but I felt confined under art school’s constricted setting. Shortly after departing from college, I discovered I had a burning interest in studying palmistry and I began searching for classes. I went to weekly classes for 2 years downtown, obsessed with writing, taking notes, highlighting all my books. I was suddenly introduced to a form of education (9th house) that I was intensely passionate about, but it took the bravery (Aries) to leave an inauthentic education at college. Since my palmistry days, I’ve fallen madly in love with studying astrology. I got introduced to Kepler college and have been avidly studying ever since, in yet another unorthodox educational environment!

This is how Uranus does his work, so try your best to embrace any of the big changes coming your way! It’s ultimately all for the sake of revealing your most authentic nature to you.

Though it may seem frightening and even requiring of some seemingly crazy risks, trust yourself and give yourself the chance to build the new foundations that you want to see supporting you in your life.

Lots of Love, 

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