Couple Crush: Carson & Barbara

This week's crush is one of our favorite beachside couples, Barbara Brigido and Carson Grzegorczyk. These two are major #couplegoals. They live and breath sun, surf and smiles. Their infectious vibes have been lighting up our Instagram recently, as Carson has captured their adventures from San Diego to the Gold Coast in their favorite Wolven Threads. 

Tell us a little bit about your backgrounds?
Our story is actually quite crazy, Barbara is from Brazil and I am originally from Michigan. The first night that she arrived in San Diego- we met on a rooftop restaurant just after sunset. We both didn't know that we were working with photography- it just magically worked out that way. Fast forward 4 months & we are traveling the world working together. 

Barbara wears the Earthbound One Piece Swimsuit, Carson wears the unisex Lineage Joggers

Where did you both grow up?
I grew up in a small town in Michigan, and Barbara grew up in Rio de Janeiro.

What inspires you?
Travel and the ocean inspire us both. We find ourselves at the beach- watching the waves and the water splash up against the shore. Its what makes us happy - and when we are happy, we are the most inspired.

Who is a woman in your lives who inspire you?
For both of us... it is our mothers! The amount of love and support that they both give us, always believing in our dreams and pushing us to go further.

Earthbound One Piece Swimsuit shot by @carssun in Byron Bay.

Carson, how long have you been taking photos?
I have been shooting for around 3 years. For the most part it was all for fun- it's what I love to do. As of 3 months ago it is my full time job.

Congrats! Making the transition to being an photographer full time can be really intimidating for people.  How did you make this transition? Do you have any advice for photographers out there who are dreaming of doing the same? 
I agree it is very intimidating! Luckily for me- I have been manifesting it for a while and the world just brought it to me. Ive been in and out of jobs that I liked- but nothing is more satisfying than working for yourself. Here's one thing I always think about. When you're faced with uncertainty about taking a leap of faith, take the leap. You'll regret the things you didn't do so much more than anything you did- so might as well try. Worst comes to worst.. you can almost always come back to what you had or something similar. :)

Black Diamond Joggers are a man's best friend. Perfect for the surf & skate sessions on the beach. 

What is an average day like for you?
Wake up early, read/answer some emails/breakfast/pray, walk to the beach & shoot in the morning light. Swim. Come back for lunch, relax for a sec, talk about our future, plan for the next days. Look at the photos, edit & work for a bit. Then dinner, maybe some more work, relax and get some zzzz's.

Sounds like the dream! Outside of photography, what do you do to nurture your creative mind?
This goes along side of photography- but we like to adventure. Getting out in nature feeds the soul. For me personally I love to play in the waves & listen to music. Reading is another big one that I just picked up - and I love it.

What are your favorite books?
My mate Kyler sent me a book in the mail and its my favorite one to date. Its called 'The Art of Non-Conformity' by Chris Guillebeau.

Another amazing one that Ba showed me is called 'Favor With Kings' by Caleb Anderson.

Where is your favorite place to travel?
We are currently in Australia and its definitely up there on the list! The atmosphere here is like no other- the people are so nice and happy. No bad days. And ocean.. clear as can be and perfect temperature.

Barbara in the Astral Ranger One Piece Swimsuit, Carson in the Orbit Joggers

If our readers want to see your work up close and personal, where can they see it?

My Instagram is my main source of my work. @carssun

You can follow Barbara right along side me on her Instagram, @barbarabrigido

The Reverie One Piece paired with the Mandala Joggers

What’s next for you two?

We just booked our flights to Bali today actually. So thats whats next for us! We are going to continue to work with photography. We will be back in California just in time for summer :)

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