Glitter Tears with Francesca Fox

For this week's Festy Friday we are giving you all a tutorial on these super cute & festive glitter tears, done by Francesca Fox. These glitter tears are the perfect addition to your festival outfit, you can choose your colors to match your outfit every day! Keep reading for a step by step tutorial on this must-try look.

What you'll need:

  • Glitter- Ours was from here
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Setting Spray
  • Your makeup collection
  • A desire to be a magical festival fairy

Step 1: 


Create your base! You can opt for a full face of makeup with full coverage foundation, or keep it light and natural. This look was done with a dramatic full face~ there's a heavy contour and full-filled brows. But if that's not your jam, don't be scared from doing the glitter tears on your favorite makeup look. Festivals are typically hot and sweat so for some people, the right base is just sunscreen!

Step 2:

Pick out your glitter and create your makeup look around the colors! For this look, we did mostly pink glitter from Projekt Glitter! The eyeshadow look was a matching pink and silver blend with that perfect winged liner. We started with the pink shadow in our outer corners and filled in the inner with some shimmery silver to play off the fun glitter we'd be adding in next!

Step 3:

Here's the fun part: GLITTER! Putting glitter on your face is scary at first, but once you swipe that first magical bit and your inner unicorn comes out, it's hard to stop. This glitter from Project Glitter is loose and pretty big pieces. We put it on by swiping a brush in petroleum jelly first. Try and draw the shape of the tears you have in mind with the jelly first. Next, dip the brush into the glitter and follow the jelly tear you have lined! The glitter surprisingly sticks super well using this method and you can build it up to a thick layer. We recommend starting with the solid part under your eye first and then created the tear shape(s)! You can do one solid tear, or create a bunch of smaller ones. Whatever your heart is feeling and will get your ready to boogie to your favorite song! If you have smaller glitter, like a powder, you could create a less bold look to try out.

Pic via Fashionicide

Step 4:

The glitter will stay pretty well with the petroleum jelly, but we recommend using a setting spray for some extra security. With this look we added a powder highlight under the glitter tears to make them pop! Festivals are such an amazing place to take fashion/make up risks, and these glitter tears are a perfect trend to try out! Be an extra sparkly glitter fairy in the desert by pairing these glitter tears with some glitter roots! If you do this look, make sure you tag us!

You can watch the full tutorial here!

Makeup artist: Francesca Fox

Glitter: Projekt Glitter

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