Festy Friday: Northern Nights Festival

As we gear up for Wolven Threads’ participation at this year’s Northern Nights festival next weekend, I wanted to give you guys some tips on how to make the most of this incredible festival experience. One of the most exciting things about this fest is that it is on a beautiful river! Make sure to pack all your Wolven Threads swimsuits so you can hop in and out of the water in style. They double as bodysuits and dry quickly so you can easily style them in a multitude of different ways.

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These items can really elevate your festival experience!

  • Badger organic bug repellant sunscreen ~ essential for any outdoor festival especially one with water. Bug bites are horrible anywhere but you don’t want to be constantly scratching inside a hot tent or on the dancefloor.

  • BioGlitz ~ biodegradable glitter is absolutely necessary. The last thing you want to do is litter glitter all over this beautiful, natural setting.

  • Floaty ~  you’re gonna want to float in style down the river while you listen to the River stage.

  • Camelbak ~ I have tried many alternatives but to make sure you stay hydrated, nothing does the job better than a classic Camelbak.

  • Headlamp ~ From braving the porta potty to finding your nighttime outfit,  a high quality headlamp is worth the investment.

  • A backpack full of Wolven Threads! ~ I bring at least 3 WT swimsuits, 3 pairs of leggings, 2 tops and 2 pairs of shorts to every festival I attend. They are the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own and the most versatile.

Photo by Haley Busch. Tessla in Mistica suit, Starseed leggings. Ash in Awakening suit, Orbit joggers.  


My ultimate don’t miss artist on the Northern Nights lineup is G Jones. His bass heavy tunes carry just the right amount of trap and make it impossible not to go buck wild. The vibe at his shows always have next level energy.

The Northern Nights starry sky will be the perfect backdrop for Jai Wolf’s melodic, dreamy songs. His lovely lyrics are guaranteed to bring a wide smile across your face.

If you like hip hop, don’t miss Living Legends. Their ensemble crew is going to take over the Main Stage.

Wearing Heliocentric top & Black Diamond joggers

Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage will bring groovy house sounds to the side of the river. Not only do Justin Jay and his friends make incredible, feel good music for you to dance to, they are absolutely adorable and bring a blissed out vibe!

Last but not least, don’t miss festival legend, Random Rab. Incorporating sounds from around the world to create a psychedelic, electronic tapestry, he is slated to play two official sets this year. He is also known to play secret sunrise sets so keep an hear out.


Diversify your festival experience by exploring the other things that Northern Nights has to offer. Some of the best visionary artists will be live painting and have their pieces for sale near the vendors. It is never too early to start investing in art and festivals are the best places to find affordable, out of this world pieces.

Tessla Venus wearing Surya suit (Sold Out)

In all honesty, I am not familiar with the comedians at the festival. But I would still highly suggest stepping away from the music for one of their sets.


Make sure to check out ALL the fashion vendors at Northern Nights. They have great curation and offer fabulous fashion pieces for everyone’s festie style. Of course, come check out the Wolven Threads booth and try on some of our pieces!

Wearing Cosmic Dust top & Herbstar joggers

When I first started going to festivals, I brought food and cooked at my camp but then I started trying the food from the vendors and I have never gone back. I bring some snacks but eat every meal from vendors. They have all kinds of food with healthy and vegan options. You are also supporting small business which feels really good.


Remember that festivals are a place where you can be free to be yourself, open up and have new experiences. Push yourself to step outside your comfort zone and don't always feel like you have to follow the pack. Solo-dolo missions at festivals can often be the most enlightening experiences of them all. 

Tessla Venus wearing Reflections Cut Out Festival Top

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