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Fitness Friday: Sister Six Packs

by Samantha Holmes June 02, 2017

Fitness Friday: Sister Six Packs

Wolfpack sisters @mekiah_ & @iamkindred featured in the Reflections Set & Orbit Crop Top and Joggers

This week Wolven Threads takes you behind the scenes with sisters Mekiah and Kindred to bring you a six pack ab series that is designed to help you tone your tummy. From planks to weighted sit ups, this ab series will have you sweating from head to toe. So grab your best friend or sister and put this workout to the test because it's time to workout with Wolven. 

Exercise #1: Planks (3 Sets Holding 1 minute each) 


  • Helps boost mood
  • Builds inner core muscles 
  • Improves balance and posture 
  • Reduces back pain
  • Improves flexibility 

Exercise #2: Weighted Sit Ups (3 sets of 15) 



  • Sculpts and tones your abdomen 
  • Trims and tones waist 
  • Strengthens core muscles 

Exercise #3: Bicycle Crunches (3 Sets of 10 each side)



  • Sculpts your obliques 
  • Builds core strength 
  • Tones thighs and chest 
  • Tones and builds definition in back and shoulders

Exercise #4: Hanging Leg Raise (3 Sets of 10 each side) 


  • Tones forearms
  • Strengthens abdominals and lats
  • Creates oblique definition
  • Works your deepest core muscle layer

Exercise #5: Lateral Pull Dows (3 Sets of 15) 


  • Strengthens deltoids and triceps
  • Works several different upper body muscles 
  • Tones each side of your spine
  • Allows for healthy multi-joint movement 
After completing this workout challenge, take five minutes to stretch your muscles and start incorporating a yoga session into your post workout training. 
    Make sure to tag us @wolventhreads and us the hashtag #workingoutwithwolven so that we can follow along.
    Stay in touch with Mekiah and Kindred as well for more fitness tips, vegan recipes, and of course sustainable sisterly fun! 

    Samantha Holmes
    Samantha Holmes


    Samantha Holmes is your fiercely independent, easy-going girl next door. She is unapologetic in her ways and is most likely rocking a ripped 90’s band tee doing yoga and sipping coffee. When she’s not dreaming about traveling around the world, you can find her daydreaming about running barefoot on the beach. Samantha strives to live a sustainable and simple lifestyle, currently calling Georgia her home. She is an adventurous and free spirited sweetheart who loves to inspire others with her writing, fitness, and healthy habits. Her spontaneous and natural state of mind typically leaves her in a mess of bed head hair and biker boots, but she doesn’t mind. Follow her journey @samiholmess