Lake Tahoe Yoga Guide

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Located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is the breathtaking, freshwater Lake Tahoe. It is the epitome of the outdoor lover's paradise that you can find right on the border of California and Nevada. From sunny beaches, to snowy ski resorts, there is always something fun to do in this outdoor haven.

Our wolfpack took a trip to this beautiful town this year! From meeting some beautiful souls, to exploring the mountainous region, we have gathered up a list of must see's & must do's when you take the trip out to Tahoe!

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Must do: 

Rock Climbing- If you're an advanced rock climber or just a beginner, Tahoe offers some of the best formations for all levels. The Truckee River Canyon offers spots for newbies and pros alike. Twin Crags and Big Chief are both in the Canyon and sport some insane views and plenty of route options. 

Mountain Biking- Get on your bike and head to the Flume Trail for some awe-inspiring views of the magnificent lake. It's a one way 14 mile trail with a 1000' of climbing that zips you through insane scenery and stomach dropping overlooks. You'll pedal through beautiful meadows and travel to vistas overlooking the crystal waters of both Lake Tahoe and Washoe Lake in Nevada. The trail splits off and merges so if you are looking for a longer ride, there are many forks in the road you can choose to make your journey continue. 

Skiing- Lake Tahoe is one of America's greatest winter playgrounds. There are over 100 different ski lifts around the lake and more than 22,000 acres of terrain to shred through. You could spend two weeks here skiing a different mountain every single day!  On chilly days, Wolven Threads leggings make for a great thermal layer!

Hiking- Prepare yourself before setting off for the 8+ mile hike on the Rubicon Trail in Southern Lake Tahoe. This moderate trail offers some of the best views of the lake that covers plenty of terrain. You'll hike through wildflowers, sugar pines and firs, and spend some time on the stunning shoreline cliffs. Take a break along your journey for a picnic and to bask in the sun overlooking the lake.

Must See:

Located in the Southwestern corner of Lake Tahoe is the strikingly beautiful Emerald Bay. It is one of the most photographed places on Earth for a reason! Architecture junkies can feast their eyes on the beautiful Vikingsholm hidden Castle. Or you can head down to the beach and soak in some sun, get in your yoga flow, and marvel at the emerald green waters engorged by the surrounding snow capped mountains. 

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Must eat:

Sprouts Cafe serves clean, fresh meals that will leave you feeling satisfied and energized! Sprouts has an option for everyone you might be traveling with, and some of their vegan choices are too tasty to pass up. If you stop in, make sure to order a fresh squeezed juice to pair with the tempeh burger! 

Must shop:

When you're in town, you must stop at the locally owned Lala Jewelry! The owner, Lauren, has been hand crafting jewelry for over 18 years now and followed her dreams to leave Massachusetts and head to Lake Tahoe. Her line of jewelry has some great Tahoe inspired pieces that will have you remembering your outdoor adventure for years to come. 

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