Wolven sustainable activewear fall styling

The air is  getting crisp and we’re dreaming of rolling around in leaves while sipping on matcha lattes. Clichés aside, here’s how we’re serving fresh fall looks.


The Fauna Ruched Crossover Legging & Reversible Four-Way Top are popping with greens and yellows — pair them with a warm-toned sweater (like this yellow one)  for a look that pops — and still keeps you warm


With it’s duo-chrome color scheme, the Kona Print is easy to pair with your favorite denim jacket, and our joggers are the perfect outfit for errands, which makes sense since the Kona print is inspired by movement


Chucks and chunky sweaters complete the Fractal Print, if you’re feeling a bit chillier than usual just layer on your favorite leg warmers or chunky socks

Basics + Prints

Our Onyx Bell Bottom paired with the Zephyr One Shoulder Top will have you feeling wavy — just add your favorite hat and head out the door

The Wolfpack IRL

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Saman Nargund is a global nomad who has lived and worked in Singapore, Dubai, Boston, New York, and now Paris. She believes that sustainability is soon going to become a lifestyle that humanity can't deny. She believes in supporting small businesses and reimagining our economy to make the distribution of wealth more equal.

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