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Happy Libra season babes. Whether you have prominent Libra placements in your birth chart, or just want to work on engaging with the natural and cyclical energies of the year, this guide will lead you right to the pieces that will help you do so.

There are four prints that I have identified that coincide with Libras characteristics including charm, sociability, diplomacy and harmony as well as Libras color association of baby pink (representative of self-love and softness), as well as other pastel colors. Let these prints accompany you on the whimsical adventure that is Libra Season.

The Echo Print

This dainty pastel print reverses to the loveliest shade of baby pink that fully embodies Libra seasons charm and light-heartedness and is available in many different styles from the reversible keyhole top, to the leggings to the one piece bathing suit, there are a variety of options all of which personify Libras Venusian energy perfectly. Take your pick.

The Heliocentric Print

Like the Echo print, the Heliocentric print reverses to Libras color association of baby pink while its patterned side contains rosy hues and as a sign ruled by Venus, one of Libras flower associations is the rose. This print has been around for some time and there are a lot of clothing options that are available in this print so, make sure to type in “Heliocentric” into Wolven's search bar to discover the many options that this stunning print comes in. FYI I’ve had my Heliocentric leggings for about four years now and they are still going strong!

The Riviera Print

This whimsical print is reminiscent of stained glass windows which in turn gives this print the ethereal vibe that Libra energy so gracefully radiates. From work out wear to beach wear, this dainty print will help you embody the divine feminine within you that is brought to the forefront most easily during romantic Libra season.

The Harmony Print

Although this print doesn’t share the same color associations as the previous three, it is called the Harmony print and harmony is the essence darling Libra while it also reflects the dainty and charming energy of Libra season.

Amidst the most overwhelming year ever, Libra season encourages balance and harmony as represented by its symbol of the scales. However rather than focusing on social harmony, since we are still being encouraged to social distance, it is my belief that that harmony should be focused inwards to maintain level-headedness, strength of character and inner peace as we continue to navigate the rest of this year and beyond.

Take this time to tune in to what your soul needs in order to attain inner peace, whether it be maintaining a consistent yoga practice, learning new recipes, learning a different art form or committing to daily meditation, this is the time to practice any and all acts of self-love.

Lastly, as the sign of balance and the scales, Libra is also very much about justice and subsequently guides us to take action and right now, that comes in the form of registering to vote. Information, deadlines and registration itself can be accessed at www.vote.org

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Gabriela is fashion stylist based in Los Angeles, specializing in the use of one’s wardrobe as the ultimate magical tool. Being a Venusian-ruled triple Taurus, Gabriela’s divine purpose is to empower others through the self-loving ritual of adornment. For her, beauty is not an obligation or a convention, but a way of being.


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