Dear Wild Woman,

You’ve come a long way. Through the roller coaster 20’s you survived, better than before, and now you embark on a new adventure into the 30’s.

Growth is a complex thing. We shed old selves to invite new versions of ourselves to enter. It’s exciting, scary and empowering all at the same time. We take this leap out of our comfort zone, into the unknown and trust that our willingness to evolve will ultimately serve us in the end.

You’re not new to this cycle and you learned this cycle quite well over the 20’s decade. There were times of peak highs and deep lows. There were times of boredom and stagnancy. These different layers of experience we’re your compass in order to learn, explore and question:

What was working?
What wasn’t working?
What felt right?
What felt wrong?

And even if your experiences didn’t tip towards one extreme or the other, the neutral moments still taught you profound, new wisdom.

There was a maturity that grew from some painful circumstances both in and outside of your control. As some real world situations became real life to you, you were forced to open your eyes a little wider. The wild woman in you was asked to pause. The young and free spirit in you was asked to slow down and observe with a little more attention, a little more care and a little more love. You were pushed to identify harmful patterns and reconstruct aspects of your life in order to support your betterment, your future, your new beginnings.

At times, you learned the hard way. The wild woman in you was asked to invoke a more grounded, responsible archetype to combat the chaos and noise. It wasn’t that you didn’t already have these centered qualities within you, but you thrived on your carefree spirit and put her front and center. Spiritual avenues became your support system because while in these times of confusion, you were growing, becoming stronger, more intuitive and finding new, clear pathways.

You now know and are still learning the importance of embracing your free spirit but also complementing this creative fire with a more practical mindset. Because of some hard times, you feel like you lost too much of your wild woman temperament. After-all, some predicaments influenced you to find more control and composure to deal with what was at hand. But this newfound poise helped you to feel safe in the times where you felt unsafe and out of control. So it does make sense that based on the uncomfortable challenges, you were prompted to embody new roles.

My message to you is this:

There is space for both the wild and grounded woman within you. Both of these energies have supported and guided you to where you are today. The two can coexist and be the appropriate balance to further you along your path to success.

Don’t ever abandon your free and fiery self- this is your liberation and your fuel to put your creativity into positive action.

Don’t ever abandon your need for stability - this is what keeps you steady and safely flowing on your path.

As I said before, you’ve come a long way and down a path that was not always easy.

So, give the wild woman permission to wake up from some dormant rest and re-define what it means to be a wild and powerful woman. Harness the positive, new energies that your intuition is more equipped to locate now. Those areas that still permit you to be open, free and spirited. And marry with these qualities the discipline to achieve greater happiness and abundance along the way. It’s a dance, an experiment, but she’s asking you to embrace her again and with new eyes. There is, and always will be, new wisdom to be discovered and more adventures waiting ahead!

You ARE wild.
You ARE free.
You ARE constantly evolving towards the highest vibration of yourself.
You ARE an expression of love.
You ARE magnetic.
You ARE whole.

Feed your inner flame. Get to know it better. Learn from it. Do what makes you, YOU.

The Wolfpack IRL

About the Author


Koren Kiener is a wellness entrepreneur, product designer, writer and travel enthusiast! She uses her passions as a way to support others in their personal growth and further align with her own spiritual journey. Koren empowers individuals to live more presently, tap into their creative potential, invest in self-love, discover inner freedom and honor the beauty of Mother Earth and all that she teaches us. Currently based in San Francisco, Koren lives with her fur baby and partner and enjoys visits to her second home in the Reno/Tahoe area.

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