Every year, Over 300 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide, and at least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean. Not only does this endanger coastal communities, but plastic pollution kills 1 million marine animals every year. We’re dedicated to preventing plastic pollution to protect the ocean and marine ecosystems

Sadly, when plastic does end up in the ocean, more than 90% sinks to depths where it can never be recovered. Our oceans are home to 80% of life on earth, so ensuring we are cleaning up plastic before it enters our oceans helps to preserve important biodiversity. 


Which is why we partner with One Earth One Ocean to remove 1 pound of ocean-bound plastic per purchase, which we verify through our partner Cleanhub. One Earth One Ocean utilizes “Maritime Garbage Collection” strategies to free our oceans from plastic, oil and chemicals across the globe, while Cleanhub works to recover plastic waste from the natural environment, using traceability technology and creating a market for recovered plastic to be recycled. That's how we make waves of change to combat plastic pollution and protect our oceans.

Shop our Ocean Collection to support ocean protection, and find curated styles inspired by all things aqua and oceanic.

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