Our forests and wildlife are a huge part of what makes our planet so beautiful: from the tall trees of the Redwood Forest to the wide expanse of the Amazon rainforest, these forests are home to thousands of diverse species of plants and animals. They are also responsible for removing billions of metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere every year, decreasing the threats of the climate crisis. And by making the planet greener, we’re also keeping it cleaner. Standing forests reduce air pollution, protect soil quality, regulate local climates, and purify water. 

With the increasing threat of climate change comes increasing threats to the stability of California’s forests, and all forests worldwide. Wildfires will become more frequent and severe, soil will dry out, summers will be hotter and drier, and all of the services the forest provides us will be jeopardized. It is therefore our responsibility to do what we can to protect our local forests and preserve the wildlife they are home to. Protecting our forests offers so many benefits, from granting economic stability to forest-dependent communities to bolstering our mental and physical health and offering our minds a place for relaxation. This year, we want to work to protect these forest ecosystems, especially our local forests native to the state of California — this is why we have chosen the California Wilderness Coalition as one of the organizations we are giving back to. 

The California Wilderness Coalition, or CalWild, is a grassroots organization that protects and restores California’s wildest natural landscapes and watersheds on public lands. CalWild is the only statewide organization dedicated solely to protecting and restoring the wild and native biodiversity of California’s public lands. Their goal is to educate and spread awareness of how important these wild places are in providing clean air and water, refuges for wildlife, mitigation against the negative impacts of climate change, and of course outstanding opportunities for outdoor recreation and spiritual renewal. 

Through our commitment to 1% For the Planet, we are donating part of our profits to CalWild this year. By shopping our Forest Collection, you will support CalWild’s efforts to preserve California’s invaluable forests and support our natural ecosystems, both at home and around the world.


Written By: Caitlyn Tucker, Wolven Sustainability Intern

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