Wolven Sustainable Activewear Beach Clean-Up DIY Sand Sifter

Being based in Southern California, we love a good beach day. The worst feeling is when you arrive at the beach with speakers and volleyball in hand, only to discover trash scattered throughout the sand, polluting Mother Earth, sending you into a downward thought spiral about climate change. 

11 million tons of plastic waste enters the ocean every year, which is why it is so important for us to take immediate action. 11 million tons is an overwhelming number, and you might be wondering how you can easily help.

In order to effectively filter through local beach sand for trash, you’ll need a sand sifter. Many retail sand sifters on the market are expensive or hard to carry because of their large size. At Wolven, we believe that every action makes a difference and everyone should have the opportunity to be sustainable.

This is why we teamed up with Wolven’s very own Social Media Coordinator, Elizabeth, to show you how to put together an easy, affordable, DIY sand sifter. And by easy, we mean that anyone can do it. We encourage you to create a sand sifter yourself with the instructions below, because every little action matters.

Step 1: Get a piece of steel mesh that is about 12” by 12” in size

Step 2: Cover each side of the steel mesh sheet with two layers of duct tape so that the wires don’t poke out

Step 3: Take your sand sifter to the beach, place a handful of sand on top, and sift through it for trash

Step 4: That’s it — it’s really that easy

Now on your next beach day, in between rounds of volleyball, you can utilize your DIY sand sifter and take pride in knowing that you are instrumental in reducing that scary 11 million tons number.

On Earth Day 2021, Elizabeth and the Wolven team, hosted an Ambassador event with a yoga class, vegan dinner, and beach cleanup — utilizing their handmade sand sifters. This event gave our Wolfpack community a chance to bond while protecting our one and only home.

Are you interested in joining our next beach clean up? Join our community of Wolven Ambassadors and participate in exclusive Wolven events, get access to early product launches, and make money from every sale you refer.

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