Wolven Wolf of the Month Ambassador Donchelle is wearing sustainable activewear made of recycled watter bottles in the color Salt. She has on bike shorts and a racerback bra and sits on grass

Donchelle Rollins is our Wolf of the Month for April. She has a fiery passion for Wolven as a brand and a community, and she loves sharing everything Wolven with everybody.

Where are you from, where do you live, and what do you do?

My name is Donchelle and a fun fact about my name is that it’s 2 names combined. I am originally from San Diego California. I grew up there, and my whole life was mostly on the everyday. San Diego will always be my home and be a part of me. Now, I live in Riverside California for school. I attend La Sierra University for my studies. I study graphic design and am getting my pre-professional program done for Nutrition and Dietetics. I want to build my own company soon where I design everything and promote good nutrition to others. I am also a model for the Numa Network Model Agency. I love modeling because I'm able to be a representation for those who are alike or share the same similarities with me. This is a big deal to me because it's not about putting one color or a curvy girl on camera, it's about representing what's within the person and accepting how amazing and beautiful one is.

What led you to join the Wolfpack?

The diversity, and the goods that Wolven shares. I love the mission statement, it is well-known and shown within their clothes. Wolven is also one of the advertisements I've found on YouTube that I've never skipped. When watching Youtube, ads would pop up and I would usually press the skip button, yet I never skipped Wolven ads because I was so driven by how their clothes were made out of plastic. I visited the website and did my reasearch about Wolven — the next thing you know, I was hooked and wanted to be a part of the Wolfpack. 

What’s the best part about being a Wolven Ambassador for you?

Being a Wolven Ambassador is such an honor. Without Wolven, I'm not even sure how I would be able to reach out to others about sustainability and how one can help save our oceans and live healthy happy lifestyles. Aside from this, Wolven offers 2 types of pay for their ambassadors. It is so helpful and nice for them to pay their ambassadors. Instead of receiving cash, I decided to go the route of store credit for every commission I make. I love Wolven’s clothing material, and how it fits and forms to my body. When I first purchased from Wolven, I was amazed at how soft and how fast-drying they are. Being a Wolven Ambassador is beneficial for not only having more clothes, but sharing the story about their clothes.

What is your favorite print and/or style?

My favorite style is the racerback bra and biker shorts, in the color Salt of course. However, I'm also leaning towards wanting to try Eucalyptus, Chai, and Cayenne. I honestly have a favorite for all of the colors. I just know that one of these days, I will have drawers and drawers of Wolven clothes. 

How does wearing Wolven make you feel?

Wearing Wolven not only makes me feel confident, but it makes me feel like I'm helping a good cause. I know I'm making an impact and helping our oceans, and I am recycling and reusing by wearing it. I'm always happy when I'm wearing Wolven, and I always feel sexy while being sustainable.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Together we can help pursue global environmental change just by switching away from plastic and moving towards biodegradable items. Start reusing and stop wasting items and products that will not do any good for us. Yet, making sustainability a new lifestyle where others are always welcome to join, and together we can help make a difference and live on a planet from waste and toxicity. Live sustainable, live happy, and healthy lives overall.

When or where do you feel most connected to nature?

I feel the most connected to nature when I know I'm helping nature. Aside from that feeling, I also have that feeling you feel once you are barefoot touching the sand, grass or concrete. Just feeling the wind blow through my hair and face, I'm able to feel and listen to my surroundings.

What inspires you?

Waking up everyday inspires me. Everyday I'm inspired to try or do something different. When waking up, I’m always thinking of what I am going to do and how I will do it. Inspiration to me comes from within, and with that I know I will always be inspired to do anything I put my mind into. 

How do you envision the future of our world?

I envision our world for the future to be free from complete plastic most importantly. I just see a future of everyone having freedom to be who they want to be and how we are able to be loved and accepted. The future of freedom and sustainability living.

How do you create your content?

When creating my content, I think of what mission I want to convey, what will get others to understand why I am a part of Wolven, and how they can join, in addition to promoting healthy living, along with being out with nature. Creating content can sometimes be difficult, however when being a part of Wolven, content creating is easy. It's a type of everyday lifestyle and just wearing your Wolvens to the grocery store, park, hikes, etc., I always remind myself — what do I want my picture to say and how will I gather my audience for one to understand the content?

Why should people join the Wolfpack?

If one wants to be part of a change, and part of those who gather together to share positivity and help our planet by wearing soft clothes with a story of reusable products — this is for you. Together we are a pack. We are one with Earth. The Wolven Wolfpack is a family, and together we are active and we are connected to the planet as one. Live sustainably, and make sustainability sexy.

Donchelle truly embodies what it means to be apart of the Wolfpack, and is an active member in the network. Thank you, @donchellemariaaaxx for being a great representation of Wolven Ambassadors.

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April 27, 2021

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