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Hellooo sensuous Taurus season. Ruled by the planet and goddess, Venus, Taurean energy is all about embracing your inner goddess and making the most of our earthly senses. As a fixed earth sign, Taurus energy governs that of the physical realm which we experience through the senses and as such, Taurus’ are driven by the pursuit of pleasure. Whether it be through tasting rich foods, smelling alluring fragrances, hearing beautiful music, adorning yourself in luscious feeling fabrics or seeing the beauty in every corner and crevice of the Earth, Taureans are natural born connoisseurs of our abundant world.

As a quadruple Taurus myself, I may be a little biased, but beautiful Taurus season is a favorite of mine because it’s all about guilt-free indulgence. The nurturing energy of this earthly sign can be applied to the self, by prioritizing the need to nurture our authentic selves through fulfilling not just our needs but our wants. For all that we give, this season asks us to receive.

In the tarot, the sign of Taurus corresponds to The Hierophant card which symbolizes spirituality, higher purpose and commitment to that purpose. As Taurus is a sign of indulgence, the association to The Hierophant can seem somewhat contradictory. However, although Taurus’ Venusian way of seeing the world allows them the ability to appreciate this earthly plane, its tangible delights and find bliss in them, evolved Taurus’ are still able to understand the impermanence of things, which is perhaps why they are able to enjoy things to their fullest potential. Enjoying what is here, without being tethered to it. With this balance, Taurus season teaches us the value and possibility of living masterfully, giving us the tools to manifest, enjoy and yet remained mindful. In fact, sustainable fashion is the perfect manifestation of this balance. Conscious consumption that honors the element and planet Earth and does not sacrifice or come at the cost of lack of style.

The energies of this season take form through the colors green (growth, abundance, stability, Earth) and pink (self-love, softness, kindness). With consideration to the characteristics, colors and associations of the season, I have identified five prints that reflect these Taurean qualities and will subsequently allow us to physically embody these energies, so that we may be aligned and guided as we navigate this luxurious season through one of its earthly mediums, (sustainable) fashion.


A physical expression of Taurus’ earthly essence, this Eucalyptus shade of green encompasses the soft yet powerful and ancient wisdom of the Earth itself. As an herb, eucalyptus has been known to hold properties that clear, cleanse and soothe and are often included in smudge sticks. Adorn yourself in this warm shade of green to embody this calm and nurturing energy and cleanse yourself of all that no longer serves you.


Historically, thyme has been known to possess properties that can enhance abundance, courage and strength. Some even say that it can open the eyes to the faerie realm. It is of course also used as seasoning and as a sign that values food more than any other, I had to include this tasty color. Thyme is also associated with Taurus’ planetary ruler, Venus and if that wasn’t enough, this color is also an expression of Taurus’ birthstone: Emerald.


As a sign ruled by the senses, and one of those being taste, salt adds some flavor to this season, literally. Taurus’ are notorious foodies and no ingredient is as crucial as salt. As a spice, salt enhances everything and as a crystal, it heals through purification. Salt neutralizes negative energies, detoxifies and cleanses your space, and now your body. Not only that but it is also a shade of pink that symbolizes the purest and most important love there is. That of the self.


A vision of earthly psychedelia, the Fauna print is a reminder that nothing is more beautiful or fascinating than the colors, textures, and vibrancy of the natural world. And that beauty alone is worth preserving. This print also includes both of Taurus’ color correspondences of pink for self-love and green for abundance and growth.


This print houses the most dominant colors of the natural world — greens, browns and blues. These are the colors of the Earth that are visible when looking down from outer space. Our jewel of earth and sea and sky floating in the cosmos amidst the stars. Another awe-inspiring reminder that this planet is worth fighting for.

As the season of stability, beauty and abundance, this season encourages us to take time to reflect on the things that give us true pleasure, and then indulge in those things while simultaneously reminding us not to take it too far. After all, there is a difference between indulgence and excess.

May this season remind us that through honoring our desires, we find fulfillment and that that fulfillment allows us the capacity to weather everything that life throws our way. May this season grant us the strength and endurance that is innate in Earth energy so that we may lay and maintain the foundations that are essential to our growth and comfort. And may this season remind us that beauty is not limited to the physical and can be found and experienced in any and every detail. So It Is.


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Gabriela is fashion stylist based in Los Angeles, specializing in the use of one’s wardrobe as the ultimate magical tool. Being a Venusian-ruled triple Taurus, Gabriela’s divine purpose is to empower others through the self-loving ritual of adornment. For her, beauty is not an obligation or a convention, but a way of being.

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