Libra Full Moon : One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong

On the morning of March 31st, the full moon reaches it’s culmination at 10° Libra. It’s most fitting that this full moon, one bound up in the ideals of seeking the perfect equilibrium in partnership, comes to us during Aries season.

During Aries season we get lost in the maze of ours minds and become determined to get back in touch with that unique flame that burns inside of each of us.

This flame represents our individual mission in life, and whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, there rises a deep need to realign ourselves with that unique purpose. Aries is a critical part of the cycle because it represents the birth of the zodiac, so we’ve all been getting back in touch with what it feels like to be born again anew, working with just the basics.

The only thing a newborn is concerned about is having it’s basic survival needs met. It also becomes instinctively aware of the new physical body it inhabits.

Right now, this is all that's expected of us- to feel ourselves, to be ourselves, and to express ourselves and our needs without regard.

 The Aries keyword is “I am”, so in Aries season we become super invested in carving out our personal place in the world and living our truth.

We also get highly attached to our desires, needs, and personal freedom, hence why Aries season can make everyone a bit irritable and impatient when it comes to dealing with others. We can get so carried away with the needs and demands of society, of family, of friends, of partnerships, that we can completely forget ourselves and our own individual purpose. Aries, in it’s own bold way, reminds us that we do indeed have a  special reason for being here on earth, one unlike anyone else, and that we better find out what it is and follow it through. Aries and Libra are each others polarity, one cannot exist without the other, which is the entire theme of the Aries/Libra axis, Myself vs. The Other.

Libra is constantly making strides to find balance in every area of life. Libra is an extremely social and relationship oriented sign, it sometimes, to a fault, needs “the other” to make itself feel whole.

So with a full moon in Libra, we have the moon’s emotional spotlight shining directly into our one on ones.

This doesn’t only apply to romantic relationships, it applies to any one on one relationship in our lives. Me and my therapist, Me and my best friend, me and my lover, me and my boss! The representation here is that it is just you and another person. Libra doesn’t represent the group, but the pair.

This libra full moon is here to get us back in touch with the other in our lives.

It will assist us in bringing awareness back to our intimate relationships, where we may have slacked off in the last month while we’ve been super self-focused.

This Libra full moon may be a tough one, and can put us on emotional edge as it forms a difficult square to a cantankerous Mars/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. Mars and Saturn are asking for us to reaffirm that we have a good grasp on the boundaries, goals, and levels of autonomy in each of our partnerships. They can also make for some pretty sizable obstacles and arguments as well. 

Fortunately, the very same day, relationship healer Venus leaves impetuous Aries behind for calm and stable Taurus, making it perhaps the slightest bit easier to seek compromise calmly.


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March 30, 2018

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