Lighting in a Bottle was a dream come true. Not only was it an immersive music event, but also an exploration into nature and mindfulness. Our Wolfpack headed into the wild to experience this massive transformational event with an open mind. The life lessons we learned over the course of the week will bring light to our lives forever.

Our time at LiB taught us community is important, nature gives us life, and being present will lead us to think globally and act locally more.

 Community is Everything

Through meeting new people we became apart of a community that is so much bigger than us. People who are all on their own journeys to find the center of peace living in nature. Our new friends made the festival so much more powerful as we had this beautiful shared experience.

Our Wolfpack community and communities like the one we joined last weekend are so important because together we can grow and transform into the next version of ourselves.

Nature is Life

Nature is a mystery that doesn’t need to be solved. Lighting in a Bottle is a festival deep in nature surrounded by a lake filled with sweet relief. Enveloped by this beautiful scenery attendees like us were given a chance to grow. Just listening to nature be alive elevated our mindfulness. When the sounds of animals interrupted the "unts unts" a magical symphony rang through.

Nature is also music – when all else is still, Earth is breathing. All our lives we have lived on this planet when really we should be living with mother nature. Lib taught everyone that.

Be Present & Protect the Planet

Think big, but support those and the environment around you. By taking care of your trash at a festival or minimizing plastic waste using glass reusable containers at home – you're impacting the whole world. This goes for clothing, home decor, artwork, music, and photography.

Social media endless reach has made it easy to get lost in the grand scheme of things. At Lib we had the opportunity to see incredible artwork and listen to music from local artists we would have never known. The producers at the Do Lab showed us our community is so rich in creativity and hope our future is in the hand of visionaries. Our favorite workshops have inspired us to become even more active in speaking about sustainability.

The ray of sunshine casted over southern California last weekend was nothing more than the happiness radiating from the festival grounds.

Releasing control at the yoga classes, dancing under the sparkling stars, and experiencing nature like never before has been the most unforgettable experience.

Lighting in a bottle will have a special place in Wolven’s heart forever.

The Wolfpack IRL

About the Author


Stephanie is a #Wolfpack member based in Los Angeles, specializing in connecting people with their inner child. As a natural born guide, Stephanie's next journey is helping people rediscover themselves through Wolven's powerful designs. For her, being true to yourself, is the biggest adventure of all. 


June 07, 2022

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