We’ve talked about Coachella before, a festival curated to feed the masses. One of our favorite stages, the Do Lab, has house, trance, and all kinds of trippy artists featured during the two weekend-long event – but honestly, that will be never enough.

The team over at the Do Lab already knew that. The 5-day magical camping experience, Lightning in a Bottle hosted on the waterfront in California is a house lover’s paradise brought to the life by them.

LIB is a celebration of movement where connection and wonder meet for an adventure like never before. The art, music, and vibes shift from previous events and encapsulate all that is pushing the boundaries of reality. 

We’ve never been to a festival that has cared so much about sustainability and wellness. Featuring more than just music, we are not only excited to see some of our favorite artists but listen to their sustainability talks, head to a wellness class, and join in on a few yoga sessions. 

Here Are Four Reasons Why We’re So Excited for LIB: 


House music is at the heart of artistic exploration. At Wolven, we love to play music all day long. Our team is most excited to see Kaytranda, Glass Animals, and Ekali for the first time. Stephanie, our festival insider cannot hide her excitement when planning which Wolven set she's going to wear dancing to Griz. 

Sustainability Talks:

Unlike regular festivals, at LIB you can participate in a lineup with a wide variety of talks, discussions, and workshops. Featured through their learning and culture program, Compass, there are over 50 opportunities to learn something you wouldn’t have in class. Sustainability talks like Global Cooling via Ecological Intelligence, Fire-Adapted Communities: Building A Wildfire Resilient Future, and Indigenous Cultural Revival in the Amazon are just a few topics barely touching the surface of what we plan on learning next week.


In addition to sustainability, LIB focuses on a very important part of feeling alive – wellness. We’ll be catching a few wellness talks including Cultivating Intimacy and Emotional Maturity and Elixirs & Radical Botanicals. We’re tempted to try out the massage and healing therapists hosted by the Haven. A massage after a few days of camping sounds about right. 


At camping events longevity is key. Throughout the week breaks to relax will be a vital part of enjoying our time together the whole event. Yoga classes are on the top of our list for staying zen at the lake. LIB’s Yoga lineup is packed with experimental styles and basic traditional we know we’re going to love. The Wolfpack community has expanded our minds with their expertise in the yogi world. 

Lightning in a Bottle will be one of the most fun events we’ve been to yet. This spunky camping event is the perfect place to show off your wildest Wolven set. What will you be wearing? Check out our Festival Collection to grab your best outfit.

Author: Stephanie Tarr, Wolven Community Manager

May 24, 2022

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