Happy World Bee Day, a day dedicated to celebrating some of the cutest pollinators. Nobody speaks to the importance of this day better than its founder, Boštjan Noč, who said that “at least once a year, the world should be made aware that there would be no life without bees” — so we’re here for that friendly reminder. World Bee Day also happens to take place on Endangered Species Day, which is sadly fitting due to the fact that American bumblebee populations have plummeted nearly 90% since 1962. Many other bee species are also threatened and potentially require protection under the Endangered Species Act. Climate change, habitat loss, pesticides, invasive plant species, and disease are the primary threats to bees.

Did you know a third of the world's food production is dependent on bees? Pollination is important to increase the production of crops and enhance their resistance to pests — so saving the bees helps our farmers and our food supply. Through pollination, bees also help protect and maintain ecosystems to promote genetic diversity and keep our wildlife thriving by providing stable food sources.

Wondering how you can help? Here are 5 ways you can support pollinators, and save the bees. 

  1. If you have a garden, plant pollinator friendly plants like basil, rosemary, or sunflowers. 
  2. Support local beekeepers by only buying local honey — to nurture local bee populations. 
  3. Avoid using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that contain “neonicotinoids” that are harmful  to bees. Instead, choose organic methods such as composting to aid soil health. 
  4. Sign an online petition to ban bee-killing pesticides from wildlife refuges. 
  5. Check out thebeeconservancy.org, to learn more about saving the bees. 

Hug trees, and save the bees. 

Author: Amanda Lapham, Wolven Sustainability Specialist



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