Vegan Spring Rolls

What better time than Spring to create some colorful spring rolls? With the season just around the corner, I thought I would show you just how easy it is to create this vibrant, healthy meal. Spring rolls are one of the easiest, quickest meals you can whip up. They're also incredibly fun to make, so having a friend with you is a good idea.

All you need is some fresh produce and rice paper. It is important to decide which ingredients you will be rolling up and to prepare them, BEFORE doing anything with your rice paper. On this particular day, I decided to make a few salad rolls with greens and veggies and some fruit rolls as wells. So, I cut up my produce, grabbed my fresh greens from the fridge, and set them aside.

I get my rice paper, here off of Amazon. Using rice paper is super simple. You simply take one piece out and rinse it under warm water until you feel it begin to soften. You may also set it down on your plate or cutting board and pour water onto it, little by little, until it softens. Here you can see how flimsy it becomes once it is wet. The longer you let the rice paper sit once it is wet, the stickier it becomes and the more likely it is for it to tear when you try to roll it. That is why it is good to have your ingredients ready first.


Now that you’ve wet your rice paper, stack your chosen fillings as neatly as possible in the center of the circle. 


Once you've got your fillings there, it is time to roll them up! Begin by curling one side of the paper over the pile of ingredients. You can use your fingers to try and tuck them neatly under the fold. Then, take one short edge of the rice paper and fold that over like so . . .

Fold the other short edge over and finish rolling everything into one solid spring roll . . .


Have fun with these! The more you stuff in them, the more colorful and tasty they become! Roll up your favorite green salad or fruit salad and dip them in some delicious dressing or jams! Here, you can see my variety of spring rolls accompanied by blueberry and pomegranate jams as well as some balsamic vinaigrette.

MMMMmmm . . . crunchy, fresh, and delicious! You should really try this at home

Vegan springs rolls in the Triangulate top!

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