BTS of our Pool Party Shoot in Philly

The Ascension Swim collection featuring @nicole_currier, @laurenjadelm, and @alllexdrago 

 This Festy Friday Wolven invites you behind the scenes of our festival pool party shoot featuring the Ascension swimwear line, our beautiful wolfpack babes, and the man behind the camera Zach Miscavage. While the content that came from this photoshoot is breathtaking, the images you see have been captured in a perfect moment when the light was glowing just right, and our smiles laid perfectly soft on our lips, but what you do not see is just as important as well. That is why we are here today to take you on a BTS lookbook tour of our new swimwear line and introduce you to the hard-working wolfpack who made all this magic happen. Ready to dive in? 


BTS: Wolven x Nicole Boychuck


@nicole_currier wearing the Mística one piece sporting festival freckles ft. Esqape sunnies. 

Meet Nicole, she is part of our team here at Wolven and is currently working in Philly to create content and run most of the social media platforms. She's a fashion merchandising student who wants to break the trend of fast fashion and push people to shop sustainably. She's a crazy dog mom by day, novice vegetarian chef by night. When she has time from school and working with Wolven, she runs her fashion blog, Wanderess World. Her goal in life is to travel the world while working for a business that fights to protect it. When asked about behind the scenes of this shoot, Nicole told us that since the pool float pump did not work, everyone had to blow up the giant floats by taking turns. One girl would run over to Zach and shoot while the other two helped to blow up the pool float. Also, one float which was supposed to be featured, (a flamingo float) turned out to have a giant hole in it, something that the girls did not figure out until an hour into blowing it up. Despite how perfect the girl's hair looks in the photos, Nicole told us that doing the glitter roots made such a big mess, that they are still probably cleaning up glitter from that day. Nicole also tells us, "To avoid looking like Rose from the titantic because the pool was cold, we would get in a little, take a few pictures and then finally jumped into the hot tub and called it a day." With all of that being said, Nicole is a multi-talented babe who spreads her love and creativity around no matter where she goes and no matter what challenges she is faced with on the day of a shoot. Once you have her on your team, you will wonder how you ever lived without her before. She's the real deal, and this will not be the last time you hear about her.  

BTS: Wolven x Lauren Lister-Man

@laurenjadelm wearing the Red Flower one piece being a poolside goddess shimmering in her festival freckles. 

Meet Lauren Lister-Man, a biracial badass babe who was born in Hong Kong and is currently calling Philly her home. Just a warning before you read on you might want to prepare yourself because this babe brings a lot to the table. Not only is Lauren a knockout in our Red Flower Suit, but she is also a planet loving, women empowering, festival going goddess who could watch AHS (American Horror Story) and Dr. Who on repeat. She states, "Cause who says pretty girls can't like gore and space-traveling time lords?!" This brunette bombshell might have a little bit of a gory side to her but don't let that fool you Lauren has a soft side as well. She has been dancing since the age of two and has no plans of stopping anytime soon, hoping to one day be a professional tap dancer. When asked about the festival pool party shoot, Lauren told us about how she and the team spent nearly two hours trying to blow up a pool float with no success and how the apartment building (Alden Park) was awkwardly giving tours at the time they were shooting. Lauren was quick to turn this negative into a positive, laughing and saying, "Sorry the place doesn't come with mega babes in glitter with pool floats." Let's be honest, everyone on that tour wished it did. Lauren summarized this backstage experience up perfectly by stating that it's not all just about modeling, "Models are also the set crew too!"Being a self-driven powerful woman, you can see how Laurens work ethic is reflected in her photos and would never believe that there were distractions around her during the time of the shoot. When speaking with Lauren, you can see her passion so clearly because she expresses it in all her actions. When asked about working with Wolven, Lauren states, "When Wolven invited me to shoot for them, I knew this was for me. Wolven goes outside the 'cookie cutter' definition of beauty working with women of all races, sizes, and body modifications and I fucking love that because we are all beautiful. 

Wolven x Alex Drago

@alllexdrago wearing the Awakening one piece looking festival ready in her h0les eyewear

Meet Wolvens babe Alex Drago, a woman who is known for her intimidating tattoos and grungy alternative style usually found wandering the streets of Philly for that perfect cup of coffee. Yes, she drinks unreasonable amounts of coffee a day, and she knows it. When Alex is not writing scripts and studying film at Temple University in the city of brotherly love or using her versatile fashion sense to style customers at Urban Outfitters, you can find her watching Netflix or kissing her friend's cheeks. She loves going to different music events around her hometown and enjoys Drake, acoustic, and the occasional head banging metal group. While Alex has a wild and free spirit, she also has a heart the size of the ocean when it comes to staying healthy and saving our planet. You won't catch this babe eating a burger anytime soon, she doesn't eat meat and also cuts out gluten from her diet. When she is done being a beautiful vegetarian princess, you can find her soaking up the sun in Philly or snuggled up at home watching Studio Ghibli movies or Buffy the Vampire. Let's just say when it comes to dreamy alternative babes who rock your world, Alex Drago is your girl. 

 Wolven x Zach Miscavage aka the Man Behind the Camera 

@laurenjadelm@alllexdrago, and @nicole_currier floating away to summer festivals in our Ascension swimwear line thanks to @urbanoutfitters and the lungs of everyone on set. 

Looking at his photography, you couldn't possibly imagine that Zach Miscavage hated most forms of art and artwork at a young age. After being forced into a graphic design program in high school, Zach's love for graphics, web design, drawing, and photography grew.  As his love for design grew, so did his passion for fashion leading to his idea of starting a clothing brand by screen printing designs onto t-shirts. After printing his first run of shirts and selling them to his friends, he created an Instagram for his brand. This was Zach's first step into the field of fashion photography and little did he know it was just the beginning. Zach eventually gave up on his clothing brand to focus on his photography career and decided to put his clothing business as well as college on hold. Feeling stuck at school only allowed to take one design class at a time, Zach decide to self-educate himself, follow his heart and drop out of school. Nowadays, he finds inspiration in music and movies and can be found scrolling through Pinterest looking for creative content as well. When working behind the scenes with Wolven Zach states how refreshing it is to work with women who have such positivity and enthusiasm about what they do and was so thrilled when Nicole told him about a nature-friendly clothing brand she worked for. Once Zach understood the environmental mission behind the Wolven brand, he was very passionate and happy to be shooting with our team. 

To see more of Zach's photography follow him @shotbyzach or connect on Facebook @ShotByZach.  

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