• 5 Cute Hairstyles to Rock this Festival Season

  • Festy styled babes @laurenjadelm, @alllexdrago and @nicole_currier wearing the Red Flower, Awakening, and Mística One Pieces.

  • This Festy Friday Wolven brings you five hairstyles that are sure to steal the spotlight at any upcoming festival. Not only are these hairstyles trendy and chic, but they will make sure to keep you feeling good all summer long in the heat. So grab your wolf pack, some glitter, and the hairspray and check out these five festy styles that are trending now:

    @laurenjadelm wearing the Red Flower one piece rocking her glitter roots.

    Glitter Roots

     This simple yet sparkling look is perfect for any festival goer and is sure to be a favorite trend this festival season. To accomplish this look, all you will need is a mixing bowl, hair gel, hair spray, glitter, and a color brush. All items that can easily be found at your local beauty store or online. To get started part your hair down the middle and create the updo you would like to rock with you glitter roots. Here we decided to go with the Miley buns. After your hair is up and parted, squeeze the hair gel into the mixing bowl (about a tablespoon's worth), add your glitter, and mix! Now you will have a glitter gel application that is ready to be applied down the middle part of your hair. Start in small sections working your way from the front to the back and apply the mixed glitter gel with your color brush. Once applied go ahead and spray your glitter into place using the hair spray. The glitter is in the drying process, so it is important to allow the hairspray to set with the glitter while it dries. Once the gel has dried, spray another application of hairspray onto your design, and you are ready to rock your roots!


    @nicole_currier wearing the Mística one piece looking festival ready in her pigtail braids.

    Pigtail Braids

    Pigtail braids are not only classic and chic, but they are the perfect way to keep your hair out of your face while also staying intact through your wildest dancing moves. Here is how to get the classic festival look. Start by creating a middle part and dividing your hair into two sections. Once you have separated your hair, starting on one side begin at your roots and grab three even sections of hair and start to braid from your roots down. When you are moving downwards with your three sections, make sure to pull additional pieces of hair into the three evenly divided parts as you work your way down. This will ensure that you are creating a waterfall look and not leaving any sections of hair behind. When you reach the bottom of your head, you will be left with your three even sections, and you can normally braid them down until you get to the bottom of your hair. Repeat these steps on the other side of your head. Once you have both sides braided, make sure to leave an inch of hair at the bottom of your braid and using a hair tie secure your braids. To make sure your braids stay in place, finish this look with a touch of hairspray. Now that you have your classic pigtail braids, you can spice up your festival look by adding some glitter or colored hair spray. For a messier pigtail look, gently separate small sections of your braids without pulling on them too much. Here we went with a classic pigtail look and added Nicole’s messy, beautiful bangs for a unique style. There is so much you can do with this look, so get your wolf pack together and get creative!


    @camilalalaaa wearing the Mística one piece looking stunning in her messy Miley buns.

    Miley Buns

    Another simple yet fashionable festival look that we love here at Wolven is the Miley buns. These buns are the perfect way to rock a trendy look while keeping your hair up off of your neck in the festival heat. Here is how to get the look! Start by parting your hair down the middle and dividing your hair into two even sections. Once you have done this, one section of hair and pull it up onto the top of your head until you create a high ponytail, use a hair tie to secure it into place. Repeat this step on the other side as well. Once you have both of your high ponytails secured into place, take one side and divide the ponytail into two even sections holding these sections, begin to overlap and interlace the two sections with each other. There is no wrong way to do this, once you have your hair wrapped together, tie off the bottom of that ponytail and repeat on the other side. At this point, you should have two messy wrapped ponytails hanging from each side of your head. Once you have this complete, take each side and begin wrapping them around the base of your first ponytail you created. Once you have the desired bun look on both sides, secure the wrapped ponytail by inserting bobby pins around the base of your buns and spraying with hairspray. Now, you have a chic rocker style that is sure to keep you looking and feeling cool at your next festival. Glam up the look by adding glitter roots to the middle part and rock on babes!

    @alearemains wearing the Moonlight Mandala Yoga Top showing her fierce festival side.

    Mini Side Braids

    This hairstyle is a twist on a classic and is a perfect way to show off your fierce festival makeup like above. To accomplish this look, start by gently running your fingers through your hair for a subtle volumized look. Once you do this, part your hair so that one size has more volume or hair on it than the other side. Do this by starting at your middle part and flipping over half of your hair to the other side. After you have your part complete, take the smaller section of hair and divide it into two parts (If you would like more than two side braids, then part this into three or four sections instead.) From this point take one section and start to braid the hair from the root down. You can do this by creating a three strand braid or fishtail braid. Repeat this on the other section as well. After you have both mini braids completed, tie them off with a tiny rubber band and finish with some hairspray. There you go, you have a simple twist on a regular braid that leaves you showing off your festival fierceness and unique style.


    @haileebobailee wearing the Blue Dream Yoga Top wrapped in dreadlock love by @rustlocks.

    Hair Wraps

    One of the easiest options for creating the festival hair of your dreams is using clip in dread wraps to style your hair. You can use these wraps all over your loose hair to make your mane look full of dreads, or you can create any one of the looks above wrapping a dread wrap around a bun or even adding it to a glitter filled braid. Whatever you decided to do with your wrap make sure you check out the amazing company Rust Locks featured above. Their wraps are fashionable, colorful, so easy to clip in your hair and each one is made with intention and love. No matter how you decide to wear your dreads, they are sure to turn heads at your next festival.

    We can't wait to see our beautiful wolf pack family rocking these fashionable festival hairstyles alongside our sustainable threads this season. Tag us @wolventhreads to be featured!

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