Watermelon Pizza

Hey there beauties! This week's Meatless Monday post is dedicated to all who still love to party, but wanna keep it healthy. Perfect for a slumber party or as a refreshing treat after outdoor festivities, we've got, Watermelon Pizza. 
Many have attempted the creation of a healthy version of pizza, but this one blows those whole wheat renditions outta the water. Replacing the foundation and toppings for your pizza with FRUIT and a couple decorative treats makes THIS PIZZA one you can stuff your face with and still feel alive after doing so! 
For this recipe I used SoDelicious-Vanilla Yogurt as the sauce. 
After spreading that evenly, I pretty much just went to town with all the topping options I could find! Here is a series of photos to show you how mine turned out . . .
Watermelon Pizzas are totally open for experimentation and I'm sure all you wolf pack babes can create works of art with a lil' inspiration from this guide. Have fun and keep it groovy ;) 

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