. . : N E W    M O O N    I N    P I S C E S : . .

 On March 17th, a new moon in Pisces is born at 26° and sets a dramatic stage for the month ahead. This new moon is the last big push on the Pisces frontier, as the Sun prepares to enter Aries on March 20th. It’s important that we tune into this new moon, one that ironically is more about endings than beginnings, as Pisces represents the end of a cycle. A death so that something may be reborn. Whatever projects, problems, or situations we’ve been facing recently are being asked to have one last overview so that they can be stamped with a checkmark and considered completed. Do what you  can to tie up any loose ends and sever yourself from situations that are no longer in line with how you see your life moving forward. It’s important we clear our plates now in order to prepare ourselves for the slew of new energy and initiative that’s coming down the pipeline.


Many different planetary voices are crying out to be heard at this time, making it hard to hear your own voice and intuition through the noise. The new moon in Pisces asks for a few more moments of meditative peace in your own personal sanctuary. It asks that we be vulnerable to emotional release. It asks for you to maintain the wherewithal to create healthy endings for yourself. Mercury and Venus are currently traveling ahead in Aries, revving up our hearts and minds towards moving into the future and envisioning the next big thing. Venus isn’t very comfortable in rambunctious and independent Aries, which can make relating and seeing eye to eye with partners a little trickier than normal. We may seek our own personal freedom now, separate of our partners. Mercury in Aries has our minds bubbling with brand new initiatives and ideas, while also giving us a sharper tongue and temper than usual. The Sun will join these two next week, shifting the celestial scales in favor of Aries energy, and pushing us full force ahead into the fire of spring, where beginnings burst forth and the past is left fading into the rearview.


Alas, the battle between the old and the new is not the only narrative we have going on in our hearts. There is still yet another deep and dark voice in the sky, one that speaks very sternly, of upcoming difficulty, hardship, and endurance. Mars, our soldier of self assertion, joins transformative Pluto and task-master Saturn in Capricorn and will remain there for the next 6 weeks. This is not the most pleasant pairing of planets, and the obstacles and issues they are bound to dish out will challenge us to our core. Mars and Saturn are traditionally known as the Malefics, meaning that they often are overseers of trials, tribulations, and tougher times. They do not punish meaninglessly though, they test our true strengths and abilities to the fullest, and aim to make diamonds of our souls from the coal. Our patience, our strategy, and our ability is all refined under the trying tests of Mars and Saturn, if we do not bend and break under their pressure. The next 6 weeks will certainly come with a fair share of hardships for some of us, but whatever we survive will only make us stronger and smarter. A healthy way to use the intensity of this Capricorn energy is to pour yourself into any hard work or projects you are passionate about. The energy will be there to get things done, although it may feel anger inducing or like we are met with obstacles left and right. Look to the house that Capricorn rules in your chart in order to get an idea of where this struggle may be manifesting.


It is not yet time to leave Pisces season, and this new moon serves as a strong reminder, despite our eagerness to depart from the dreary oceans of over emotionalism. There is still room for a final purge and purification. The end of winter is in sight, and we can feel anxious to run as fast as we can towards the sunshine and away from our looming inner problems, but it’s important to honor the end of everything. If we don’t properly observe an ending, a beginning can act more like a false coping mechanism than a means of truly moving forward. It takes just as much courage to look back and truly see what has been gained and lost in our lives, than to simply push forward and see what happens next. Endings are just as important as beginnings. The piscean point of view is to observe everything as a moving, function, and connected whole. Allow yourself to ponder what is leaving you now and what you have learned about yourself over the winter season in order to truly make yourself ready for the next step. Steep in the psychic stew of your psyche, reflect and feel everything you can, surrender and go with the flow.

It’s the Pisces way.


xoxo Love,


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