Virgo Full Moon: Islands In The Stream

March begins with a bang as the first Full Moon of the month reaches it’s culmination at 11° Virgo.  We’ve all either been floating on our backs in the oceanic abyss of Pisces, or trying our best not to drown. Fortunately, this Virgo full moon provides an island for us to briefly rest upon. Pisces energy summons many ancient feelings and hurts up from the depths of our being for examination and expression. The Virgo full moon can help us funnel this emotional baggage into a practical, down to earth outlet, or it can enhance our more neurotic thought patterns and fry our nerves. This full moon finds itself tangled in a dance with the watery planet of disillusion and idealism, Neptune, which may make this island of respite sink sooner than we imagined. So take a few deep breaths on land before the ocean calls you back in!

The Virgo full moon highlights areas of our lives that we may have let slip into disarray and that are now calling out for some healthy maintenance. Bust out your cleaning supplies and give your sanctuary a good scrub. Open that overflowing closet and begin organizing a pile of things you no longer need. Purify your abode, purify your mind. Pisces energy is always seeking a way to get closer to nirvana, but unfortunately we doesn’t always choose the best route to get there. During this time we often fall into patterns of escapism, via excessive drinking or smoking weed, as we so badly want to feel connected to source and free from our mortal bodies. The Virgo full moon encourages you to give the substances a rest and instead pick up your yoga mat and force yourself to a class. Honor this earthy full moon by getting INTO your body instead of scrambling to find a way out. Virgo is often associated with mindful health practices, so by eating well, keeping your space tidy, and finding a creative way to exercise you can avoid the excessive nervous energy often prompted by a Virgo full moon.

Virgo is ruled by word-smith Mercury, providing this sign with a natural talent for piecing poetic language together. If the Pisces energy has got you feeling too drained to do some cleaning or physical alignment, pick up a pen. Write down your thoughts and give form to your feelings. Don’t be too hard on whatever comes out, as Virgo is also painstakingly self critical, just allow yourself to free-write and to express.

Full moons at their core are always oppositions. Opposing forces create a pressing need to find balance, as both forces can’t run the show and need to find a healthy middle ground in order to compromise. This is why full moons often feel so powerful to us, as they ask us to find balance between extremes. The Pisces energy wants you to surrender to your emotions, to drain the water out, to cry, to create, to dance, to let something die. The Virgo energy wants you to focus, to refine, to organize, to be discerning, and to have your life function with more efficiency. These two signs are opposites, but each has something that the other needs. Pisces needs Virgo to show it how to get work done, and Virgo needs Pisces to show it how to free float and not take life so seriously.

Try to find the time in the next few days to center yourself on this balancing beam. Get into your body and tidy up your sacred space, because the tide is rolling back in.

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