Ambassador Spotlight: Rob Lombino

At Wolven Threads, we cherish our Ambassadors for everything that they do. They love our brand, and we love them too! To show our appreciation for their awesomeness, we are launching a series of blog posts affectionately named The Ambassador Spotlight Series! This is an opportunity for fans like you to get a glimpse into the lives of our Ambassadors. As leaders in the wellness community, they are very knowledgeable about health in mind, body, and spirit. Through this medium they are open to sharing their personal sustainable practices, favorite recipes, artistic talents, and hot topics like the environment and yoga!

Yoga pants mens

Rob in the Men's Sri Yantrify Joggers

First in line to share his personal truth is Rob Lombino, one of our newest Ambassadors. Rob joined the team after meeting a few Ambassadors at their booth at a Wanderlust 108 Event, the largest yoga festival in the world, in Denver, CO. He instantly fell in love with the artistic style of the clothing as well as the sustainable nature of the brand, all the products are made with recycled plastic bottles (how cool is that?!). Rob joined the team a few months later after investing in a weeks worth of Wolven Threads clothing.

Wanderlust Yoga

Rob in the Men's Mandala Joggers at Wanderlust. Girls are wearing women's joggers

Rob goes by Rob From Earth on social media and his favorite topic to discuss is consciousness. This is a popular topic amongst him and his friends in the spiritual community who often find themselves seeking wisdom from each other and self help books. Rob loves to read, roughly an hour a day, about a range of topics from spirituality and science, to socialism and startups. He has even added a few books on shamanism to his collection in his personal library.

When his nose isn’t stuck in a book, Rob spends his time outdoors in the comfort of nature. Since his childhood growing up in New Jersey, Rob has enjoyed the peaceful serenity that comes with experiencing all the natural beauty that the Earth has to offer. Whether it’s listening to the sound of the ocean waves on the Jersey Shore, watching sunlight pass through the leaves of the trees in a forest, or gazing upon the horizon from the top of a mountain peak, Rob feels at home when he isn’t bombarded by the constant notifications of our consumerist society.

Lounging in style in the Men's Mandala Joggers

When it comes to mindful living practices, Rob takes things to the next level with his daily wellness routine. Starting at sunrise, he gets on his favorite Wolven Threads joggers leads himself through a series of yoga, fitness, and meditation routines focusing on balance for his mind, body, and spirit. After that he often prepares a hearty vegan breakfast full of plant based protein with plenty of grains and fruit to keep him self going throughout the day. Rob’s favorite vegan meals include buddha bowls, smoothies, and bean burger paninis, all of which he makes in his home kitchen.

True North in the Herbstar Joggers

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