Pisces Season: Surrender and Sacrifice

On February 18th, Aquarius season comes to a close and passes it’s torch of knowledge onto empathic, oceanic Pisces until March 20th. Four planets now dwell in the sign of the two fish tied together, creating a dynamic shift in energy. While the Sun spent the last month moving through humanitarian and revolutionary Aquarius, we were all placed into a highly active mental space. Aquarius is an air sign, and air as an elemental quality is highly logical, rational, and observant. Air floats above the emotional waves of water, the somber steadiness of earth, and the bright enthusiastic flames of fire.

Now, we shift gears from Aquarius to Pisces by moving away from our minds and into our hearts. How fitting that Pisces is the end of the line, for Pisces job is to connect us back to our ultimate source. Pisces is associated with the ocean, an ever-encompassing and mysterious place. The ocean is so deep and far-reaching that we still cannot traverse down into its greatest depths and know what truly lies beneath. This is also how Piscean people function. There is a deep well of creativity, emotions, and experience lying at the ocean floor of all Pisces individuals, they need only stay focused on diving down to the bottom in order to reveal their journey.

Pisces is the death of the zodiac, where the collective experiences from the previous signs that came before merge into one. It is Pisces job to unpack this overload of sensory information in order to prepare us for the blank new slate of existence to come in Aries. This is quite a demanding job on the unconscious mind of Pisces, and can be quite overwhelming. This is often why Pisces people can fall into patterns of escapism, as they experience all angles of life so intensely that they often seek to numb their senses. Pisceans need to tap into their own creative well to understand their ethereal essence. They need to create in order to flourish, otherwise they can drift through life endlessly hemming and hawing and wondering why they’re here on earth. Pisces wants to find nirvana, in fact it’s their duty. They have lived many lives and cannot move forward into the ether until they express their multi-faceted existence. 

During Pisces season, a part of us comes to die. Something in our lives that no longer serves us is asked to be sacrificed.  We must surrender to the end of the cycle, and allow what must pass to pass. Pisces rules the feet, which is where on the body we sense the ground beneath us and from which all experience rises. We now must walk through deep and enchanting waters, cleansing and purifying ourselves emotionally, as we prepare for the rebirth that comes in Aries.

Enter into your own ocean and free float into the abyss. Feel free to cry, feel free to feel anything.  Remember that Pisces time is highly emotional as we attempt to release and purify the weary parts of our souls. Pisces season is also very creatively fertile, so allow your deepest emotions to rise up to the surface now, so you can translate them into an art and give them a space of their own to exist.



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