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Stuck inside? Here are some ways to spend your quarantined time getting inspired.

1: Stretch it out

Use your time spent indoors to connect to your yoga practice. Yoga can help decrease anxiety about COVID-19 and staying moving is always a wonderful way to stay healthy.

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2: Organize your closet

It’s time to Marie Kondo your closet. Use this time spent social-distancing to get to those piles of clothes you’ve been meaning to donate. You can even play dress up and list some old pieces on Depop so that they can find new homes. Circular fashion is the future—and also makes for a great way to earn some extra cash.

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3: Get creative

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Now is the time to do that thing. Not having freelance work (s/o to all our make-up artist, photographer, yoga teacher friends out there!) can be scary, but use this time to work on that personal project you’ve been putting off. Make that painting, write that poem, or make a playlist for your next yoga class.

4: Meditate 

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Don’t hate, meditate! Connecting to your breath is a great way to quiet your mind and calm the stress. Not sure where to get started? Try Sarah Blondin's free Live Awake podcast.

5: Enter our TikTok Dance Challenge to win a $300 Wolven Gift Card

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Don’t get moody, shake your booty. We’re hosting a TikTok dance challenge so that you can spend your time inside having the most fun solo party anyone has ever had. 

Here’s how to enter to win a $300 gift card:

— Throw on your favorite Wolven set

— Make a TikTok video (trending videos preferred)

— Tag us @wolventhreads

Winner will be announced March 31st

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About the author:

Kiran Jade is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director at Wolven. She is passionate about sustainability, environmentalism and veganism. She has used her career to find innovative ways to spread awareness about plastic pollution. 

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