Top 10 Ways to Pack Sustainably for Festivals

It’s springtime, and festival season is here! The calendar is full of amazing musical events, and we're spending as many days as possible dancing from one beautiful celebration to another. Join us in your Wolvens, and get ready to soak up all the gorgeous music, fashion, creativity, and passion that spring festivals have to offer. 

Sustainable blogger, Annie Martin in her Signature Orbit Matching Set

Plus, as our group consciousness continues to evolve, more and more of these events are making sustainability a priority. Look for the festivals supporting sustainable food and offering water refill stations, recycling, and compostable dishware. Many festivals, including Envision Festival in Costa Rica, also have built-in booths for eco-friendly organizations and non-profits to help festival goers plant trees and buy carbon credits on site! 

 Ask organizers to build stages from natural materials, and encourage them to invite artists with eco-friendly messages. See if they’ll bring in local and organic food vendors, and if they're willing to donate a portion of the festival proceeds to good causes in the local community.

Of course, there are also lots of personal actions you can take to lessen your carbon footprint and leave the festival grounds waste-free, too. Tackle these Top 10 Tips to Pack Sustainably for Spring Festivals, and feel good about your contributions to greening our planet, keeping the festival grounds clean and beautiful, and joining the eco-friendly revolution! 

Top 10 Ways to Pack Sustainably for Spring Festivals

1. Pack organic or regenerative snacks if the festival doesn't offer sustainable or healthy food options. 

2. Bring a gorgeous fanny pack or drawstring bag made from organic or recycled fabrics.  

3. Bring your own stainless steel or bamboo spork.

4. Stick to safe, organic, mineral makeup.

5. Use coconut oil to cleanse and moisturize.

6. Bring an earth-friendly tent set-up (or rent or borrow your gear from a friend).

7. Bring your recycling home with you, if the festival doesn’t offer recycling bins.

8. Carry a reusable water bottle or glass mason jar to stay hydrated. 

9. Buy carbon credits based on your travel miles, or volunteer to plant trees in your community pre- or post-festival. 

10. Wear your Wolven Threads of course! Made from OEKO-Tex certified recycled PET and modal fabrics, Wolven Threads designs are both sustainable and sexy.  Use code 'festivalready' for 15% off today.

Dance the night away this season, and be sure to tag @wolventhreads on Instagram with all of your own top festival tricks and eco-tips. We can't wait to see you out there on the fields of Coachella, in the mountains at Lucidity, at Wanderlust Festival, or wherever you’re getting your green groove on!

Written by Annie Katherine Martin 
Annie is an activist, writer, environmental scientist, and yogi dedicated to environmental issues related to food, water, and agriculture. Her passions have led her around the world researching child malnutrition, the consequences of industrial farming, and successful soil remediation techniques. Today, Annie teaches yoga and works for a non-profit called Kiss the Ground, working to reverse climate change, transform international food supply chains, and create a more equitable world. Connect with Annie on Instagram at @annie_katherine_martin 


April 09, 2018

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